Saturday, January 9, 2010

Day One (continued)

So, I tried to fix my hair but it is still sticking up and acting crazy. Plus, look how bloodshot my eyes are! I know why they are bloodshot. I was up until the wee hours of the morning on Skype with the SOAR Sisters from MeRa Koh's blog as we finally found out who the three scholarship winners were. It was Linda, Lindsay and Jennifer. Congrats to the three. I am proud of myself for applying at least. I was able to produce a video of myself about what photography means to me. It was a great experience to meet all the like minded women on the SOAR blog and through their own video applications. There were over 260 applicants and I am so happy to have taken part. The opportunity of mentorship for the 3 recipients is going to help kick start their photography business dream. For me, I will remain with my nose stuck in my photography books and internet video tutorials. Here, I am reading The Hot Shoe Diaries by: Joe McNally. Love Joe! You might want to pick it up one day at the library or fave book store. It is an excellent book about how to use small flashes. You will love Joe's humor too. It is a good one that I recommend. Now, back to my education about my small flash...Have a Picturesque Day!

Day one of 365 project!

I am going to try to take the 365 project challenge. Here is Day 1. I took this on January 8, 2010. My intention for this self portrait was due to my mom's need for a pic of me. She was trying to put together a digital album and noticed that she had no pics of me. I think I became the family photog as a strategy to stay away from the front of the lens, can you relate? Anyway, I agreed that I would try to come up with something. I set up my little table top tripod, popped out a convenient black backdrop and kept running in front of the camera after depressing the timer button. It became a fun little game after a bit. So, I think I will attempt to do the 365 project. I hope I follow through. I am a bad procrastinator sometimes and the worst at not following up on good intentions. Whichever way it goes for the rest of the project, this is day one. Actually, I took this last night. I started considering the idea of the 365 project last night and this morning. I made the decision to get started with it. I agree with the cliche' that there is no time like the present... So, I am summoning up the courage and motivation to start today.

I will try to capture the actual pic for today after I at least brush my hair a little bit. I am having my typical lazy Saturday morning hair day - cow licked, sticking up, smushed flat...real lovely huh?! So, there is my explanation and inspiration for the project.

Here is my first pic of the year.

p.s. This is the real 44 year young me with no photoshop touch ups. If I had touched it up, I would have certainly gotten rid of my puffy eyes and double chin for goodness sakes. We joined Snap Fitness as the usual first of the year hope to lose weight. So maybe I'll be able to get rid of that for real. Oh, please, please, please. I so want to get in shape in 2010 and continue to pursue my photography aspirations. I have lots of work ahead of me in both areas so...Day One, I begin.