Thursday, May 20, 2010

Day 131 of 365, Fire Hydrant

Today's Photo Challenge was Fire Hydrant.  I picked up my camera and scouted around my town for fire hydrants.  The first one that I came to was opposite the Fire Station.  Can you see the fire trucks across the street? 
I traveled on the same road and notice this fire hydrant behind all the weeds.  I pulled off the road.  This was at a corner of two highways.  When I bent down to get the image that I wanted in the viewfinder, I noticed the water tower way off in the distance behind the trees.From the same fire hydrant, I turned to capture a sign that is obscured by the weeds.  To me, this speaks to me in a picture metaphor ...."The signs can be read if you are open to SEE." 

What does the fire hydrant and the church have in common?