Monday, May 10, 2010

Day 121 of 365, Had a Great Mother's Day, Yesterday!

I was too busy, then too tired to post last night when we got home.  So, here are some family pics that we captured yesterday.  This is my family.  Kayla, Terry, myself and Karmyn.  I am so glad that we were able to get this picture.  We hardly ever get a picture of our family together.  I handed my camera to Mom and she took this for us.  Cheese!
I set up the tripod and self-timer to capture the pictures above and below.  Above is a group pic with my parents.  Below is a group picture with Terry's parents who we visited with later that evening.  We took the picture below at around 7 pm. I love that golden evening sun.  Best time of day!
I hope all Moms everywhere, had a very blessed Mother's Day Yesterday.  I felt blessed indeed to be able to visit with my daughters and my mother and mother-in-law. 
My daughters made me feel very special today.  I hope our Granny and MawMaw felt special too.

It was also my Daddy's Happy Birthday yesterday.  He was very touched and sentimental when the girls gave him a beautiful and meaningful birthday card.  He is tough on the outside but all soft hearted when it comes to the love of his family.  God Bless you Daddy.  xoxo

E-Session with a Gorgeous Couple!

Saturday, I did an Engagement Photo Shoot with a wonderful couple.  Kristin, Michael and I had a blast together.  They were willing to try all my crazy ideas!  They trusted me and we came up with some fun, some romantic and all together amazing portraits of a very happy couple in love.  If you want to check out their images go to:  They are my featured gallery.  You will see a beautiful picture of the debonair Michael kissing his fair damsel's petite hand.  Directly under that image, you can view a slideshow that will automatically run.  Or, go down to the galleries and click to enter there.

Here are a few of the many gorgeous images  You can see the rest if you follow the link above. 

Originally, we had scheduled for last weekend which was a rain out.  Now, I am glad that we did because this day couldn't have been any nicer.   I heard from Kristin a few minutes ago and she said she LOVE's them too!  That makes me very happy.  We have the Bridal Shoot next.  I sure hope we get some gorgeous weather for that day as well.  Can't Wait!