Sunday, February 28, 2010

Day 51 of 365, Patiently waiting for Spring

Day 51 of 365, Look at my little froggy birdbath waiting soooo patiently for spring.  Almost, little froggy, almost!
Terry and I were gone yesterday, from 'can to can't'.  We are staying home today and completely veggin' around.  While Terry is effectively working the TV remote clicker, I decided to roam around the backyard to see if I could find inspiration for my blog post. 
Anticipating Spring!  The BEST time of the year! 

Goodie, goodie, lookie, tree has leaf buds now!  And, then up pops one of those little clover flowers.  What is next?  Grass cutting season.  Getting the lawn summer ready is always fun because everyone is excited about coming out of the doldrums of winter.