Sunday, February 21, 2010

Day 44 of 365, Country Drive

Day 44 of 365, I think Terry felt bad because he didn't take me to St. Francisville yesterday. So, he got ready and said, 'Come on. I'm in the truck.' Huh? I was minding my business (playing on flickr) when he said that. I didn't know we were going anywhere. Well, it didn't take me long. I rounded up my camera gear. Terry says, "you try to bring the World!" That means I haul all kinds of junk in, and then have to haul all that junk out of the vehicle when we get home. He puts up with it though. I realize that he humors me and lets me carry 'My World' of stuff around cuz he loves me. Anyway, we start driving and he starts complaining. He complains because he's hungry, he complains because he's burning gas, he complains because he's not doing what he wants to do, he complains because he is running out of copenhagen...that's the real problem! So, I told him to turn around and bring me home because he is making me miserable. Instead, we drive and drive. We pulled into taco bell and he got a gordita. He complained because there were too many people at Taco Bell at 2 pm. According to him,they should have eaten already. duh,... hello! Terry, you are at Taco Bell too! Goodness, gracious that man is so insufferable sometimes! Finally & Thankfully, after he got a couple tacos, he cooled his jets a bit.

We drove and drove until we ended up in Maurepas. I was able to take some shots of the river and the camps. Then, we went to the Waterfront at the Diversion Canal. I didn't get a taco earlier. So, I was starting to get hungry. I asked him if we could stop at Kevin's Seafood Restaurant. Of course, I didn't have to twist him arm. We did go to Kevin's. I can hardly talk about the good meal that we had because I am still stuffed. We enjoyed the fried bowtie pasta with spinach & artichoke dip. He also ordered crawfish boudin balls as an appetizer. Truthfully, we could have stopped there. Those two appetizers were delish! I was kinda chilly because it was an overcast dampish kind of day. So, I chose to order the seafood gumbo. He got what they called the cajun platter. Oh, I think I hurt myself. To top it off, Terry ordered strawberry cheesecake and 2 coffees. Too Indulgent, but Too Good to pass up! I am going to get on the treadmill after I finish this posting. Roll me Out!!!

So, on our way home, I told him I wanted to try to capture a derelict barn or abandoned house. My reasoning was that I wanted to try to use some textures to create a ghostly or haunted image. I had just gotten some new textures to play with. Besides that, just this morning the girls made me tell Trevor about the paranormal activity that happened around here. Indeed, I do have a ghost story to tell. But, I will fill you in on that one a little later when I think you can handle the spooooky truth......! I'm not kidding. Here are a few images that I tinkered around with. My fave is the old dirt road. About old dirt road, one of my flickr friends, ...Shirley CR said:
"That looks like a scene from a horror book, great photo!"
and my other good buddy, Jack Andreasen says:
"It looks like a spooky walk home late at night! Awesome!"

Yay! their comments were flattering. No, I am not going to the dark side. I am just experimenting to see what I can achieve.

abandoned in the country

andoned in the country, originally uploaded by michelle*sibley

barn and fence

barn and fence, originally uploaded by michelle*sibley.

This is certainly not a derelict barn. I used this one because every time I saw a barn or something that I would like to capture, Terry zoomed on past. There is no turn around gear on his truck if you know what I mean! So, finally I got this picture and put some rough texture on it. I have a long way to go to become proficent in photoshop. I am having fun playing around with it for now.

p.s. I am complaining about Terry's complaining but I really had a good time. I actually love to hang out with him. We just enjoy getting on each other's nerves!

old dirt road