Sunday, November 21, 2010

Felicia & Austin - Engagement Session

Felicia and Austin's wedding is in only 2 weeks! I am super excited and honored to have the opportunity to photograph their upcoming wedding. Today, we went downtown and I followed them around and captured all their gorgousness! I absolutely think they are so charming. Felicia is a spunky, funky modern chick. I knew Austin when he was in high school.  I always thought he was such a good lookin' guy.  Well, he is still a good lookin' guy.  And, oh my gosh, Austin cracks me up.  He really, really did not feel like doing a photo shoot.  Skipping around and having his picture taken is not his cup of tea.  When I called Felicia to set the date and time, I am sure that Austin would have put it off if at all possible.  But, luckily my timing was good and I called during the football game.  I suggested a time and I heard Felicia ask Austin if it was ok for him.  He said, 'yeah, whatever Felicia'..while glued to the game....So, there!  He agreed.  Book'em Dano! 

I did Felicia's bridal shoot a few weeks ago which turned out so beautifully.  I will be sure to post those after the wedding.  For today, I picked up the couple from their wonderful new home and we headed to BR.  I told Austin it was his day.  It was all about Austin.  wink.wink...  He was probably grumbling inside and thinking, 'yeah, if it was Austin day, he would be doing something funNER'.  He cracks me up.  He picks on Felicia and mimics the way she laughs which only makes her laugh some more. Those two keep a constant banter going. They remind me of Edith and Archie Bunker.  But neither Archie nor Austin can fool me... I know both guys are true softies on the inside.  Archie loves Edith and Austin loves Felicia.  I wanted to end that sentence with a tiny little heart instead of a period.  :)  They are an adorable couple. I am going to enjoy capturing their wedding day. Yay!!!

p.s.  Felicia said that Austin loves his PawPaw recliner and PawPaw slippers.  True Archie style!

Check out their slideshow. It turned out way cool!  By the way, Austin had fun in the end.   I just know it.

Click to play this Smilebox slideshow
We went to the lookout Tower of the State Capital Building overlooking Baton Rouge and the Mississippie River.

Felicia and Austin are going to a resort in Breckenridge for their Honeymoon!  When we walked down the steps of our State Capital Building, Felicia was noticing how all the state names are engraved on them.  I had noticed Colorado earlier and knew that I wanted to capture something like this.  I love it.

Ok, everybody say it with me...Rarrrr!!!  Gorgeous! 
Look how that sunlight outlines her hair and body.  Amazing!!!

Austin, you got it man...  IN SPADES!

What can I say?  When I saw this huge pillar under the porch, I knew I had my black and white.  I asked Austin to take a seat and lean against the post.  Then, I showed Felicia what I wanted her to do.  She fell into it perfectly.  Perfection.  That 's the word.  I thinik this is quiet Perfection. 

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Wop, Wop, Wop, went the flat tire-ON The Scary Bridge at That!

Trevor and Kayla were in front of Terry and I.  We were traveling to the semi-annual Jewelry Show in New Orleans.  Trevor found his tire low of air this morning.  He used our compressor to fill it back up before we left.  Everything looked copacetic until we saw Emergency Flashers!   I called them, "What's up?" 
Flat Tire.   That's what's up. 

A two lane Insterstate Bridge  is NO place to be at a time like this. 
Pretty scary stuff there, huh Trevor?

Terry & Kayla are watching the oncoming traffic.
Oncoming at 70-80 mph, that is. 

He just broke the lugs.

Kayla gives Trevor a hand putting on the donut spare tire. 
Two heads and four hands are better than one sometimes.

Go, Kayla, Go!
Lower that Jack and throw it in the trunk.
Let's get off this rumbling Interstate Bridge, PRONTO!

Once again, We are On the Road to Market.

Friday, November 5, 2010

RESERVATROL...PreservatroL??? Searching for my Fountain of Youth

What do you remember about Juan Ponce De Leon?

He went looking for the Fountain of Youth!

What happened to the elderly group of retirees in the 1985 movie Cocoon?

They discovered a magical pool and after swimming in the water found themselves rejuvenated!

Cocoon was the sweetest movie.  Jeanita and I went to see it at the Broadmoor Theatre together.  I will never forget it. 
Here is a movie trailer clip.

As you know if you read my November 3rd posting, I just had a birthday.  ON my birthday, Terry and I went to Sam's to shop.  In the refrigerator, not far from the milk and eggs, I saw this promise:
Can you read this?  If not, you might need to go grab your cheaters.  :)
Can you at least make out the words "fountain of youth"?!!!
Yeah, Mama!  I grabbed that sucker up and slam dunked that promise right into my shopping cart!

When I got home, I couldn't wait to start my quest and drink up my very own "Fountain of Youth".  I poured myself a glass of the thick burgandy juice into my pretty crystal iced tea glass.  CHEERS & Bottoms UP!  I can say it made me PUCKER UP.  I'm not sure how much I am going to like this stuff.  I do like my new glasses though.  I just purchased those crystal glasses today.  Terry saw me put them in the buggy and he said to put 'em back cuz we had enough glass that just sits in the cabinet.  Typically, we use the stacks and stacks of plastic souvenier cups that we collect at mardi gras parades, amusement parks and football games.  Do y'all do that too?  Anyway, when he saw the word, Dublin, he relented and said, "Oh, ok we can get them if they come from Ireland."  He has a big idea that he would like to travel to Ireland.  Actually, he really, really wants to go the the land of Braveheart.  Scotland!  Oh, but wait.  His aspiration is to go the Highlands of Scotland and hunt Werewolves!  I don't know how he cooks up all these crazy ideas!  

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Out with the GO Phone, In with the NEW Phone!

I had to get up to date.  That obnoxious Go Phone ring tone has GOTZ to GO!   About a year ago or so, I bought the new fangled (at the time) smart phone.  I had it for a week and then one day, I think I set it on top of my car.  I'm sure when I spun out of the driveway, my phone spun into the ditch!  Back in the day, I have punished my girls and refused to allow them to upgrade phones as long as I thought they were irresponsible.  hmmmm...well, I guess I didn't want to be hypocritical so I punished myself.  I refused to allow myself an upgrade.  That's the truth.


Finally, Terry's slick & fancy (in 2006!) Razor cell phone was starting to not hold a charge.  We were in Sam's today and I guess I realized that Mama & Papa were ready for an upgrade.  We picked out a couple phones today.  They are not the fanciest but an upgrade none the less.  The guy recommended that we purchase the screen protector sheets that required cutting to fit.  Our sweet Kayla took on the task.  She is the type that gets things done.  Whatever is in front of her, she just goes about taking care of things and knocks that little job out.   Terry and I, on the other hand, make a pot of coffee and think things over.  Seriously, procrastination is our number one game.  I ain't proud of it, but I ain't too proud to admit it. 

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Today is my Birthday!

So, today is my Birthday!  Thanks to my great parents who brought me into this world and brought me up in a loving home!  I love you Mama and Daddy!  I have tears rolling down my face as I type this.  I do not know why today is a weepy day for me. 

The weepies started when I read a facebook post that one of our best friend's daughter was brought to the hospital today.  But, don't be alarmed!  It is good, good, good!  They are going to be proud, 1st time, grandparents today.  She is going to have her baby boy today!  ON my Birthday!  Our prayers are definitely going up for safe delivery for their daughter, Morgan and her tiny precious baby.  I have happy, sentimental weepies.  ON my birthday.  So, don't cry for me Argentina. 

As I was washing dishes, I put my playlist on some sentimental music.  Actually, I kinda consider these particular tunes as a modern type of folk music.  You know..the kind that tell a story.  The tracks that are playing have titles such as, Leave Me Here by Hem,  A Place Called Home by Kim Richey and Simple Life by...The Weepies!  No kidding...The Weepies.  Here is a link to my playlist if you want to check out more of my music choices. 

Get a playlist! Standalone player Get Ringtones

When I first discovered Playlist, I would spend hours looking for music that I could use as background for my blog.   Lately, I have posted so many slideshows with a sound file attached.  For that reason, I muted my playlist on my blog page.  I think I have about 3 pages of Playlists.  If you like some of my music, take it!  Who said, "Here honey have some of mine."?  Oh yeah, that was Rizzo from Grease!  :)  Yep, you can create your own Playlist.  It is easy.  I love to find tunes that I really WANT to listen to.  I can't hardly stand Top 40 radio anymore.  That music does not appeal to me.  I guess I am at the age where one might start listening to Country music as an alternative.  I like Country but would not choose to listen to it all day.  Different strokes...ya know?

Well, I am going to put my post on hold for now.  I will pick up a little later today.. be continued. 

It must be a dream!  An elf must have slipped in here and folded my laundry.  And, look how perfectly folded they are.  Who knew?!!!
 I walked into the living room where I left a pile of clean clothes to be folded and what do I see?  I had to do a double take!  My sweet husband folded clothes.  Now, having your hubby fold clothes might not be a shock for you.  But, for this wife/ hubby combination...SHOCKER!  My cousin, Frances told me she loves it when her 'elf hubby' does something for her too.  Early today, Terry asked me if I wanted HIM to take ME to a movie.  He is a movie buff from waaay back and going to the 'movies' is his favorite thing to do.  Then, he asked me if I wanted HIM to take ME out to eat.  ahemmm....They don't call him Big Daddy for nothin'.   Know what I mean?  So, this morning, when he suggested dinner and a movie for MY birthday, it didn't really feel all that special.  But, when he folded the clothes?  That made me feel special.  Yes, I had a Happy Birthday.  I love a Simple Life.

We did go out to eat at the Outback as a family.  I appreciated the good food but much more than that, I loved the company.  Terry and I have spent our entire lives doing everything with our girls.  And, I mean everything!  What ever we did, they went with us.  With the money we saved on babysitting, we spent on family togetherness.  The payoff?  I believe the payoff for us is that we really KNOW our girls.  On the flipside, they really KNOW us.  I am so thankful for every moment and every memory that I hold in my heart from almost 23 years of raising our two daughters.  Now, that they are grown, we do outings separately more than together.  Actually, it is a rare occassion that we all 4 go somewhere together.  My adult children have boyfriends, work and interests of their own.  They do their own 'thang'!  I respect that because I certainly did my 'thang' when I was their age.  For tonight, the four of us sat around the round table at Outback together in our familiar family circle of love and comfortable companionship.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Talladaga Weekend Slideshow of Days 1 & 2 Combined

HALLOWDEGA!!!  October 31, 2010

Terry and I traveled with his work buddies and their wives to enjoy a NASCAR Race at the Talladega SuperSpeedway on October 30 & 31st.  Chris and his wife, Lycia, brought up the idea of going to experience Talladega as a group.  Dicky and his wife, Patty were up for it.  They had already been to several NASCAR Races in different locations.  Terry and I, nor Chris and Lycia had ever been.  Lycia made the initial purchase of tickets for each of us.  Then, she shopped around for a Bed & Breakfast.  She found a wonderful quaint B&B located in Columiana, AL. 

Our hosts at the B &B were owners, Diane & Andrew.  They made us feel very welcomed and provided wonderful and gracious accomodations.  Diane woke up before everyone on Saturday and prepared a breakfast feast!  She knew that we would be leaving very early on Sunday. So, on the night before, she prepared blueberry and banana nut mini-muffins for us.  She left little bags out alongside the muffins for us to take to the races.  I really can not tell you enough about their wonderful hospitality.  Not to mention, the house was a charming Victorian with an interesting history.  Andrew and Diane purchased the house a few years ago and worked very hard to fully restore the old house.  They have refurbished it beautifully.  Diane has placed her special touch to every nook and cranny of this house.  Terry and I woke up extra early on Sunday and sat together in the sitting room and enjoyed a cup of coffee.  While we relaxed, we were able to look around and appreciate the many unique features of the historic house and furnishings.  If you wish to travel to northern Alabama and stay in a Bed & Breakfast, please take a look at Columbiana INN.    Diane and Andrew are so friendly.   You will feel right at home at Columbiana INN.

Here, I created a slideshow with my images captured on both Saturday and Sunday Race days combined. Saturday was a truck race.  Sunday is big race day, of course.  I chose to use Lynard Skynard music  for the slideshow.  I think NASCAR & Skynard go together like rice & gravy.  What do you think?  Also, I added captions to my images for Day 2 (Sunday's Race).   I hope that all of my captioned information is accurate.  I was trying to remember what was happening throughout the day as I reviewed my images.  It is difficult to recall all the details, even after only a couple of days.  For this reason, I think I am going to start using captions a bit more often.  This will make it sooo much easier for future recall.   With information documented, you will always know exactly when, where, why and of whom a photo was taken.  I have a huge stash of pictures that I need to go through, sort & label.  Time has a way of blurring all those important memories.