Monday, November 1, 2010

Talladaga Weekend Slideshow of Days 1 & 2 Combined

HALLOWDEGA!!!  October 31, 2010

Terry and I traveled with his work buddies and their wives to enjoy a NASCAR Race at the Talladega SuperSpeedway on October 30 & 31st.  Chris and his wife, Lycia, brought up the idea of going to experience Talladega as a group.  Dicky and his wife, Patty were up for it.  They had already been to several NASCAR Races in different locations.  Terry and I, nor Chris and Lycia had ever been.  Lycia made the initial purchase of tickets for each of us.  Then, she shopped around for a Bed & Breakfast.  She found a wonderful quaint B&B located in Columiana, AL. 

Our hosts at the B &B were owners, Diane & Andrew.  They made us feel very welcomed and provided wonderful and gracious accomodations.  Diane woke up before everyone on Saturday and prepared a breakfast feast!  She knew that we would be leaving very early on Sunday. So, on the night before, she prepared blueberry and banana nut mini-muffins for us.  She left little bags out alongside the muffins for us to take to the races.  I really can not tell you enough about their wonderful hospitality.  Not to mention, the house was a charming Victorian with an interesting history.  Andrew and Diane purchased the house a few years ago and worked very hard to fully restore the old house.  They have refurbished it beautifully.  Diane has placed her special touch to every nook and cranny of this house.  Terry and I woke up extra early on Sunday and sat together in the sitting room and enjoyed a cup of coffee.  While we relaxed, we were able to look around and appreciate the many unique features of the historic house and furnishings.  If you wish to travel to northern Alabama and stay in a Bed & Breakfast, please take a look at Columbiana INN.    Diane and Andrew are so friendly.   You will feel right at home at Columbiana INN.

Here, I created a slideshow with my images captured on both Saturday and Sunday Race days combined. Saturday was a truck race.  Sunday is big race day, of course.  I chose to use Lynard Skynard music  for the slideshow.  I think NASCAR & Skynard go together like rice & gravy.  What do you think?  Also, I added captions to my images for Day 2 (Sunday's Race).   I hope that all of my captioned information is accurate.  I was trying to remember what was happening throughout the day as I reviewed my images.  It is difficult to recall all the details, even after only a couple of days.  For this reason, I think I am going to start using captions a bit more often.  This will make it sooo much easier for future recall.   With information documented, you will always know exactly when, where, why and of whom a photo was taken.  I have a huge stash of pictures that I need to go through, sort & label.  Time has a way of blurring all those important memories.

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