Friday, January 15, 2010

Day 7 of 365, Soapy Handprint

"Clean Your Bathroom, Love Mom" Uploaded for Daily Photo ChallengeSubject: Prints, Handprints or Footprints-Jan. 15, 2010
That is my soapy handprint splatted up there. Look how much I love my children, I even have a heart in my palm. :) I didn't do that after the fact, that is the actual soapy handprint with no manipulation.
This morning, I saw that today's photo challenge was handprints or footprints. I tried to to think of a way to participate. So, I took a bar of soap and wrote,"Clean Your Bathroom, Love Mom" and then splatted my soapy handprint on the mirror.
Naturally, here I am cleaning up my mess from the Daily Photo Challenge. If my daughters would have come home to see a message written in soap on their bathroom mirror, they would have said, "AS IF!" This mama hen has 2 spoiled chicks... lol! It's cool, I made the mess, I'll clean it.