Thursday, February 4, 2010

Day 27 of 365, Cinderelli Mommy!

Day 27 of 365, Self Portrait, Feb. 4, 2010
This is what mom's do! I remember wiping the floor, wiping the floor, wiping the floor, Over and Over and Over times a million kajillion when the girls were little. Cooked rice and grits were a constant nightmare! Would I do it all over again? You betcha! I looooved being a mommy.

Today's daily photo challenge Subject: Something with flowers. This was the first thing that I thought of. Mr. Kelly and Mrs. Janelle gave me this little painted ceramic watering can. I thought it was very thoughtful of them. I had helped them arrange their vacation accomodations when they traveled to Williamsburg, VA. When they returned, they brought me a souvenier. I love them dearly. When I was working as a church secretary, Mr. Kelly was the treasurer. I depended on him so much for advice. Any time I called for him, he always dropped everything and came to my aid. Mr. Kelly has my love and respect as a man of God. And, Mrs. Janelle is just a fine, fine lady. She is a person who is kind and gentle. She speaks very softly but I know there is strength there as well. She will need that strength because right now Mr. Kelly is very, very ill. He is in the final stage of his battle with hepatitis. I pray for my dear friends. I pray that the Comforter will wrap His arms of love around them.