Saturday, February 27, 2010

Day 50 of 365, 'Crossing Over'

Day 50 of 365, In an earlier post, I introduced Jeanita.  A couple days ago, mom and I met with her for lunch.  (see day 48)  Well, today was a memorial service for her husband Claude.  It was held in their home church, a beautiful old Methodist Church.  I had never been there until today.  Terry and I actually arrived just before the start of the service.  As we walked in, we were greeted by the minister in her white robe.   All of the guests in attendance were quietly seated.  The choir was in place and ready to begin.  The above picture was taken as they sang a very beautiful traditional hymn.  The service was not sad because it was a celebration of a life well lived.   My heart was so full as they were talking about Claude and the way that he lived to serve other people.  Throughout his life, he ALWAYS made the people around him feel loved and special.  He gave of his time and devotion to kids, especially, all his life.  Because he was a football FANatic, he organized and coached little league football.  There were stories told about remembrances of Coach Claude.  If he knew a child wanted to play, but their family could not afford the expenses, he found a way to raise the funds.   It was even mentioned in his eulogy that when he arrived at the emergency room, he was greeted by one of his former players who said, "Coach Claude...!"  Yes, he had a big heart and was loved by all who knew him.  He is survived by his wife Jeanita and son, Ryan & daughter-in-law, Misty.  He adored Ryan, his only son.  I remember that Claude and Jeanita were ever so so proud of their son's baseball accomplishments.  Ryan was a pitcher for his varsity baseball team and went on to play at the college level.  As a lifelong sports fan, you can just imagine how happy Claude was to follow his son through his baseball career & glory days!  Yes, today was a celebration of a life well lived and remembered.
We went back to Jeanita's parents home after the service.  Here is Jeanita in black and white greeting two long time former work colleagues as they arrived.  All three ladies, including Jeanita, were my former work co-workers as well.  In 1985, Jeanita spoke for me to her bosses.  Of course, I was In Like Flint!  Jeanita had considerable influence within the company.  She was one of  the beloved 'Lillies'!  ('Lillies' was a pet name given to the original group of ladies who worked for the founder of the company.)  I worked there for 6 years, then decided to become a stay-at-home mom after my second baby was born.  I love all three of these ladies and I had such a nice time reuniting and reminiscing with them.  As we were leaving, Terry asked me, "Do you know who those ladies remind me of?" 

Terry has always thought this...He thinks that Margie looks like Jamie Lee Curtis, Kay reminds him of Kathy Bates and Jeanita reminds him of Bette Midler.  In my opinion, he is right on the button, not only in appearance but personna as well.  Margie uses proper grammar in her speech & her dialect reminds him of  Jamie Lee Curtis.   Plus, her cute haircut makes us both think JLC, as well.  Kay is honest and straight to the point like the wonderful actress Kathy Bates.  And, Jeanita has the bold laugh, smile and personality of "the divine M", Miss Bette Midler.  Jeanita is going to be A-OK! 
When we left the fellowship, we headed to Lavonia to meet with Terry's work cohorts and their wives for dinner at Not Your Mama's Cafe & Tavern.  Food & atmosphere is super great there.  We were able to talk, laugh & comfortably visit for about two hours in this wonderful restaurant.  Those men are so funny and I loved visiting with their wives too.  There is always a funny story to be told when we get together.  We are in the first stage of perhaps putting together a group trip to Talledega in October!  Oh yeah, I am up for it & ready to roll! 

TBD..., (but I think it is going to happen). I have never gone to a Nascar Race.  So, I'm super excited!
Yippee -Yi -Yay - Coyote!!!

For today's image above, I think I will call it, 'Crossing Over'.  
I captured that image as we crossed over the Old Mississippi River Bridge.
I thought of The Bridge that Crosses the Great Divide!

Sunset on the 'Mighty Mississipp'