Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Day 73 of 365, Karmyn and her Daddy

Day 73 of 365, Our baby daughter is just about to finish beauty school.  She absolutely loves being a hairstylist.  Her daddy and I are very happy that she has found a career choice that makes her happy.  She is our athletic daughter who had multiple offers of scholarship to play softball at the college level.  She decided to decline those offers.  She went to college short term but chose to get her liscense in Cosmetology.   She has a super personality and is very gifted in working with people.  Her clients love her already.  I know that she is going to have a very successful career as a hairdresser.  We are very proud of her.

So, today, her daddy went to get MAN-icured! 
 He got the works! 

Monday, March 22, 2010

Day 72 of 365, Happy Family

Day 72 of 365, Today, I went through my images from Saturday's photo session with this very happy little family.  I could hardly wait to introduce you to Andy, Maria and baby Isabella.  I can tell you one thing for sure, Andy is one proud papa!  He is madly in love with his two special girls.
Maria is a soft and caring mommy.  I love how Isabella looks to be eating up all that sugar her mommy is giving her! 
Don't ya wanna smooch up on those piggy toes?!!! 
Isabella is a cherished and celebrated little girl.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Day 71 of 365, Happy Birthday to Granny!

Day 71 of 365, Happy Birthday to Granny!  This is my mom.  After the grandbabies came along, she wanted to be called Granny.  She is very proud to be Granny to four wonderful grandaughters.  My two, Kayla and Karmyn and my brother's two, Shelbie and Brandilyn.  We used to have so much fun when the girls were little.  Granny's house was, and still is, filled with something fun and exciting to do.  Summers were spent everyday in her pool.  The girls had their 'cinderella princess' dresses, which were actually long satin night gowns.  I remember many summer days when the girls would get out of the pool, hair still wet from swimming, and change into their fairy tale dresses.  They played in them until they were in shreds.  I bet if you ask them what they remember about their childhood, playing dress up at Granny's would be on top of the list.
Go Granny, Go!  Great Wii Bowling form for a Strike!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Day 70 of 365, Me and My Bride, Maria

Day 70 of 365, Boy, we had a busy day of fun, laughter and pretty pics in New Orleans City Park with Maria & Andy's family.  We did an engagement/family & bridal photo session, all in one day!  So, here is Maria checking out one of the family pics.  My wedding photog partner, Gaylon snapped this pic of me showing Maria an image on my view finder.  I think this is where I was showing a pic of  sweet, little Isabella to her Mommy.  Isabella is Maria and Andy's beautiful baby girl.  Hopefully, soon, I will show off some of their pics.  First, I have lots to process.   

Friday, March 19, 2010

Day 69 of 365, Feeding & Attracting Birds

Day 69 of 365, I was quite busy today.  I revisited some images that I had taken last spring.  When I saw these orange slices on a string, I thought about how thoughtful and fun it is to feed the little birds.  I found this website and copy/pasted their ideas for bird feeders & simple perch projects.  It is  called Kidz Korner by Kim Gray.  If you go to their website, they also provide a chart of different varieties of birds and their feeding preferences.  If you would like to draw certain birds into your surroundings, you might want to check out that chart. 
 Here are a few of her good tips:
*****following excerpt, copy/pasted from http://www.osweb.com/kidzkorner/feeder.htm*****
"You don't need to buy fancy bird feeders to feed your backyard friends.
You can:

Set a pie tin on a stool or flat topped tree trunk or hang it in a hanging plant hanger; dump it out after a rain, or punch drainage holes in it, and elevate it a little by placing small rocks or twigs beneath it. (All birds, specially Juncos, Cardinals, Jays, Sparrows)

Punch holes on either side of a plastic pop bottle, stick a twig all the way through with its ends sticking out for perches and poking more holes nearby for the birds to pull the seeds out. Then hang the bottle by tying a string around its neck. (Finches really like these!)

Coat a pine cone with peanut butter, roll it in birdseed, and hang it from a tree branch;

Use a rectangle of old window = screening. Wear heavy cotton gloves and use needle-nosed pliers to crimp the loose wire edges back (so they won't poke the birds nor snag their feathers), fold it in half, run two string hangers through the corners on each side, and hanging it. Slide in a suet/birdseed cake from the grocery store, or make a "cake" of oatmeal, birdseed, and peanut butter. (Cardinals, Jays, Robins, = Sparrows)

Stick a piece of bread, a doughnut, or half of an orange, on a twiggy branch of the tree (the Orioles will LOVE the orange!)

Tie a string around the neck of a baby food jar and fill with orange juice. Hang it from a tree. (It will hang tilted, but Orioles will perch on the rim and take dainty sips).

Scatter bread crumbs on the = ground."   

visit http://www.osweb.com/kidzkorner/feeder.htm for more bird tips and other ideas from Kim Gray of Kidz Korner.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Day 68 of 365, Hitting the Road, Day 1

Day 68 of 365, This is the first time to try walking Mia in the baby stroller.  She jumped out the first time I put her in.  When I put her back in the second time, she never tried to jump out again.  I took her for a our first stroll.  I wanted to get some excercise and nothing makes me feel as good as getting out and hitting the road, one step in front of the other.  I have a very nice treadmill at my house which usually has stuff on top of it.  We have never used that thing.  I also belong to a fitness club but I would rather walk outside for exercise.  And, exercise I do NEED!  I stuck my camera on this little short utility post that was on the side of the little road.  Of course, I pressed the self timer and took off strolling to get a self portrait in action.  I viewed it in the view finder and it was cool.  So, I called it a day.  I planned to download and post that self portrait for today's posting.  Um.  NO.  That would be a NEGATIVE.  I need to post it alright.  I need to post it to my refrigerator so that I can remember to not eat for the next 3 months! 

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Day 68 of 365, Happy St. Patrick's Day

Day 68 of 365, Top O' the Evening to ya!  Happy St. Patrick's Day!  Did you wear your green?  I forgot and I got pinched.  My niece Shelbie came to visit us last night.  I was so happy to see her because she is busy college student with a part time job at a tanning salon.  So, I barely get to see her anymore.  Shelbie is Brandilyn's older sister.  Remember Brandie?  She is the niece who went with me to Barnes & Nobles last Friday.  I love both of these two girls!  They are both kind hearted, honorable young ladies.  Their parents have done an amazing job raising both of them.  When I asked Shelbie if she had seen my post featuring her sister, I think she felt like she missed out on some fun.  I'll have to do something special with Shelbie one day soon.  Until then, I reached back to last summer's "Lucky Shelbie"!  It looks like a great St. Paddy's Day image to me!
Heck yeah, it is time to get the yard in order.  You could definitely hide an Easter Egg in this stuff! 

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Day 67 of 365, perhaps one day the Grand Canyon...

Day 67of 365,  This morning, as I was tying my shoes, I was so giddy with anticipation.  "Why were you so giddy?", you might ask. Because!  I have been surfing and reading reviews, biting my nails hoping to make the wisest possible decision.   "What do you have to decide?", you might be wondering.  I finally decided exactly what I wanted.  Then, I talked to Terry and he was telling me that he wants to get new tires for his truck and blah, blah, blah...a buncha more stuff....I tuned out at that point.  I think my eyes glazed over when I realized that my purchase was going to be squashed.  bummer...He kept talking on the phone but I was not.  Then, after he finished his list, he asked me what I thought.  So, honesty is the best policy right?  I sighed and told him I was really wanting a new lens that I thought I needed for the wedding photo shoot.  Immediately, he said, well you can get your lens.  Whoa, my ears perked up!  For real?!!  Instantaneously, the giddiness came back! 

Now, I pick up at the ...."tying my shoes, I was so giddy with anticipation."  I was getting ready to head out the door to go purchase that lens.  The camera store lady said she had put my name on it and would hold it for me.  After, I said a cheerful bye-bye to Mia, I jumped in my big V-8 and put the hammer down!  I was on my way, today!  I got to the store and the lady proudly handed me my new lens.  I had brought my camera so she put a spit shine on the new glass and installed it on my camera body.  They give great customer service.  So, with my 'prospective' new lens was on my camera, I started pointin' and shootin' at everything in sight.  And, I was thrilled with the fast focus and the way that lens grabbed the available light!  That is how it looked in my view finder anyway.  I went to Perkins Rowe and felt like Snow White singing a happy little tune as I snapped pics of every colorful thing in sight.  Don't I sound happy?  I was.....until,I got home! 
Before I downloaded my images, I just knew I was going to give a high kick when I saw the results.  I expected every one to be a masterpiece creation.   pppppllluuuuhhhhhhhhhh!  That was the gross rasberry sound in case you need translation!  yucky, yucky.  I don't likey! 
The images were not clear and the focus way off.  I had it on auto white balance the whole time.  My Nikon has never given me any color problems.  But, everything looked a strange color.  I was disappointed to say the least.  I plan to return to the camera store tomorrow morn, asap!  I hope they can do something for me. 

On a lighter note, I want to go to the Grand Canyon, 1325 miles.
***these pics were NOT taken with the lens that I think is defective. 

Monday, March 15, 2010

Day 66 of 365, An Apple A Day

Day 66 of 365,
An Apple A Day Keeps the Doctor Away!  I can't help but think of that sing song chant.  Today's photo challenge Subject:  Something that is weighed at the store.  I actually went to the grocery store today and bought these apples without thinking about the challenge.  I'm glad that I did because the next thing I knew, it was 11:30 pm and I had not done my photo challenge or blog post.  So, I set the basket of apples under my kitchen bar light and snapped this pic.   Easy breezy!   I like apples.  I like them better with caramel dip!  scrumptilli-ishous!

I had a nice long conversation with another photographer friend today.  His name is Gaylon and he has made me very happy.  He agreed to be a second shooter for my upcoming commissioned wedding on the 26th of this month.  On Saturday, I sent an e-mail request to him.  I asked him to consider working with me.  I had my fingers crossed that he would respond.  Well, this morning I got the call.  He said yes!  I am so very pleased.  Gaylon is a talented photographer who has the ability to capture the smallest gestures that tell so much.  Oh, I am so excited.  Thanks Gaylon, for saying yes!

The Apple Tree
Author Unknown

Way up high in an apple tree
Two little apples
smiled down at me
I shook that tree
as hard as I could
Down came the apples
M-m-m-m they were good.


Sunday, March 14, 2010

I Heart Faces Challenge-Week 11, 'Bundle UP'

This was taken at the Krewe of Mutts Parade, January 31, 2010.  The I Heart Faces photo challenge subject for this week is 'Bundle Up'.  I  thought these two cool dudes look like they are trying to keep warm in the sun.

To see other bundle up pics, go to http://iheartfaces.blogspot.com/2010/03/week-11-bundled-up-photo-challenge.html.

Day 65 of 365, The Earth is Shaking, People get ready!

Day 65 of 365, Daily Photo Challenge, Subject :  Something green.  I had captured this leafy green tree branch.  As I looked at the varigation of tones in the bright spring green leaves, I began to think about nature and our world today.  As with everything I see, touch or feel, I am reminded of my Great Creator and spiritual things.  Do you ever give yourself a moment of quietness to pause and ask your Creator to reveal Himself to you?   In our fast paced existance in the modern world, we barely have time for family dinner hour.  Does that sound so Ozzy & Harriett to you?  The family is pulled in 99 different committments.  Is there ever a day where all you do is stay home and visit with your children?  Or, perhaps get the chance to visit a 'long, time no see' someone special?  I think that any person would have their head in the sand in order to not notice the Earth is Shaking!   People get ready!  There is no time like right now to bow our heads and ask God to show us how to live.  I know that my God loves me.  He adores me actually just like he adores you.  Nothing can seperate us from God's love.  He is Abba Father after all.  Abba means Daddy.  I love my earthly father so much.  As a little girl, and still today, I know that I am welcomed into the safety and comfort of my Daddy's embrace.  I also know that I can run to the comfort of my Heavenly Daddy's embrace.  When I allow myself to get very still, very quiet, I can feel that warmth and comfort.  He lifts me up but keeps me grounded.  If you are worried about how the Earth seems to be shaking off its axis, run to the one true God who spoke this Earth into existance.   He will draw you in to Himself and there you will find comfort and safety of your Heavenly Daddy's embrace.  I pray with all my heart that people will get ready!  If you have a prayer request, you can write to me.   (see comments)  I will not post it unless you allow.  Please know that I am genuinely willing to listen and offer up a special prayer for you.
copied from http://www.biblestudyplanet.com/d1.htm

In Romans 8:15 Paul tells us that we have "received the Spirit of adoption by whom we cry out Abba, Father." What does he mean by "Abba, Father"?

Abba is an Aramaic word which means "daddy" or "papa". What Paul is saying is when you accept Jesus as your Savior you are adopted into God’s family. You become His child and He becomes your heavenly Father. The relationship is so deep and so personal that you can call him "daddy".

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Day 64 of 365, Headless Photog Geek & BREC Botanical Gardens

Day 64 of 365, I think I will caption this one, "Headless Photog lives to shoot again". :) I went to Train Station Park for a quick self portrait.  I am reading Vic Orenstein's book about photographing children.  I am super excited that soon, I will get the chance to photograph some of the cutest kids!  I met Brandi H. and her two little ones in the grocery store parking lot.  Her kids caught my eye.  She was busy trying to get them in the buggy so that she could do her shopping.  Her vehicle was parked next to mine, so when I rounded the vehicle, I noticed her little daughter with crystal blue eyes standing in the bottom of the cart.  Her adorable, charmer of a son was in the baby seat.  They are both gorgeous with a captial G!   I told her that I bet she has some beautiful pics of her little ones.  She said that she would like to have their pics taken.  lalalalalalalal...that was music to my ears!  I told her that I would love to photograph her children.  We exchanged contact information and finally got together to try to schedule a photo session.  As Brandi and I were talking over the phone, I heard her little 18 mo. old rambunctious baby boy in the background.  Then, I heard her say, "Oh no!  He just learned how to climb on the cabinet!"  lol!!!  I didn't have a little boy, but I can definitely imagine what a combination of joy and handful they might be.  
So, I tried a different angle. I can call this one, "Geek, tie your shoe laces." hehee~
I had to go return some books at the Goodwood Branch Library today. So, I decided to visit the BREC Botanical Gardens today. This is a volunteer worked garden project. I could tell that they are beginning to re-work the gardens after the winter season. There were a few flowering plants that I thought were pretty as a picture. So, here they are.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Day 63 of 365, Brandie, Books & Me

These are our book selections for the month of March.  Brandie suggests "A Bargain for Frances" and my featured reading selection is "Amerlia Bedelia".   :)

Brandie and I went to Barnes & Nobles tonight.  Terry went to watch a baseball game and I wanted to go to the book store.  I knew just who to call to ask if she would accompany me, my niece Brandilyn.   Isn't that the prettiest name?  I love it.  Anyway, I knew that she would jump at the chance to go to Barnes & Nobles.  She is a very, well read 10th grader.  When, she picked up an interest in reading somewhere around the 4th grade, I believe, she became an avid little reader.  I am quite impressed with the breadth of literature that she is familiar with.  And, her acquintance with these works are not necessarily from required reading.  Brandie and I have a common love for books.   

As customary and reasonable, one must slide over to the in-house Starbucks to sip a little indulgence, all the while, perusing their new reading material.  Oh, yeah...!  We did a snooty little 'cheers' clink with the bottom edge of our drink cups then slurped it up!  She ordered a Venti Mocha Frappa and I had Pomegranate Cherry Juice.  We sat at a table by the window and put our heads together as we read through the 225 Baton Rouge circular.  I noticed the dates are listed for Sunday in the Park beginning April 11.  yay!  I am planning to go to some of those concerts in the park. 

We finished our drinks and decided to make one last swing through the store.  Then, I remembered that I had my little Panasonic Lumix point & shoot in my purse.  Of course, immediate ideas popped in my head, I would say,..."hey Brandie, go over here.. go over there..."  She is such a good sport!  Instead of Where's Waldo?  We can play Where's Brandie?
Thanks to my sweet niece for coming to B&N with me and being such a great book buddy.

the Karmyn and me

Karmyn and I went to lunch at a new little Mexican Restaurant.  We were seated next the the bar to our left.  She looked over and said, "Goll, look at all those bottles!"  I laughed.   

As soon as I whipped out the p & s, I get, "Talk to the hand!"

But, when the fajitas came out  sizzling, I got this...  :) ...!!!
Can you hear it and smell it now?  Yummmmm, yum.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Day 62 of 365, Prop as Still Life

Day 62 of 365,  I received a call from my bride that I am going to photograph.  We had planned her bridal shoot for tomorrow and we were both very excited and looking forward to it.  At around 4pm today, Maria called and said that she went to pick her dress up from the seamstress.  When she did the fitting, it was still a bit too loose.  Therefore, the seamstress kept the dress to make the additional alterations.  Maria was told that it should be ready within a time frame of 4 days.  Oh, well, no bridal shoot tomorrow.  Earlier today, I went to Hobby Lobby and picked up some flowers that Maria might want to use as a prop.  I also found  this little wicker purse that I thought was cute.  It is really not a purse for real life.  It is more like something to hold little doodads!      

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Day 61 of 365, Taxes

Today was tax filing day.  I have been putting it off.  But, finally, I gathered up my info and headed over to mom's.  She is the expert tax filer from WAAAY back!  My mom has filed everybody's, and I mean everybody's tax information from back in the olden days.  Remember when you used to have to use an actual pen to fill in your pertinent information?  Well, yeah.   Taxes?....done.

Actually, it is not as bad as I had feared.  I'm just being dramatic.  But, honestly, the amount that is taken out of everybody's payroll checks is out of sight!  Something's gotta give.  I think it is time for a Tea Party!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Day 60 of 365, Something Sweet & Something Pink

Day 60 of 365, Our Daily Photo Challenge Subject:  Something you think is sweet.  So, I had a pic of a snowball (syrupy, sweet kind) as one option.  Another image that I had already was of the most delicious pie you ever tasted.  My sister-in-law brought her pie in the fancy pie plate with all the special touches to our Christmas gathering this year.  I really was thinking about using that one.  It is sweet and I'll bet you would swoon if you took a bite of her pie.  It is that good!  We all make requests for it in advance. 
Truthfully, the daily photo challenges are supposed to be exactly that....taken daily.  So, instead of going retro to my Christmas files.  I looked around me.  Of course who is at my feet?  And, what is the sweetest thing I know?  Mia!  She is the sweetest little doggy that could have ever come into our life.  When any of the four of us in the family walk in the door, we all oooh and ahhh and make a big to do over her.  She wags her tail so hard from side to side.  I always tell her to, "shake it, shake it, don't break it!"   So sweet Mia was going to be my subject.  Now, I had to figure out how I wanted to capture sweet Mia.
Okay, tell me something, what is today?  Yeah, yeah...that is right, today is Pink Tuesday.  (another photography challenge group)  Okay, the wheels start to slowly, creekily turn an idea. Just this weekend, Kayla and Trevor took you know who, OSD (one spoiled dog) to Petco to let her pick out a toy.  I guess she picked out two toys because she came home with a yellow duck and a pink football.  A-Ha!  The pink football!   
Something sweet? Something pink? check... check.   Now I had to figure out how to attempt to catch my something sweet and my something pink in one picture.  So, I decided to tempt her with the football up over my head.  I knew I needed to get low because Mia, well she is pretty low as you can tell.  I think I was laying on my ear on the cold tile floor, camera stuck to my face, football poised over my head as far as my arm would reach.  whew!  As I expected, she started circling around anticipating her target practice.  Then, I gave it a sling down the hall.  Of course, she shot out after the football and I was able to catch a couple cute pics.  I think it turned out cute for a last minute little photo shoot, in the hall, laying on my ear~ 

Monday, March 8, 2010

Day 59 of 365, Clay and the Timer

Day 59 of 365, I actually did take some pics today.  They were practice pics all around the house and yard.  S.O.Stuff.  So, I decided that I would  introduce Clay today.  Clay's dad is my 1st cousin.  His family came to visit at my parent's home  on Superbowl Sunday, Jan. 8, 2010.  Geaux Saints! Anyway, my mom (Granny) hasn't had a young kid around for a long time.  She didn't really have anything exciting for a kid that is Clay's age.  I think he picked up the clock timer and was curious.  So, Granny proceeded to show him how it worked.  She can make anything sound like fun.  Kinda like those commercials that make a person want to purchase ShamWow!  Ok, so you get the idea.  She loves kids and can get into their imagination.  My, Karmyn also calls her Granny a dog whisperer, but that is another story. 

Look at that sweet profile.  He is listening to Granny as she points out how to read the timer.  Can you hardly stand it?  O' so sweet!  Plus, he is sharp as a tack!  A very smart boy, that Clay.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Day 58 of 365, Baseball & Softball Season Opens + Festival Video

Day 58 of 365, Terry and I went to watch Karmyn, Brandon, Patrick & Leslie during their softball practice.  Patrick is my nephew who played Varsity baseball at the very park that is pictured here.  You can't see much of the park but there are the grandstand and press box.  Patrick went on to play Division 1 baseball.  He has clocked many pitching hours of practice and field time on the field above.  My daughter, Karmyn played softball.  She had opportunities to play college ball but declined.  So, she has been out of practice for about a year.  When Patrick called her to help him start up a co-ed team, she was excited.  Her boyfriend, Brandon and Patrick's girlfriend, Leslie are going to be on the team, also. 

After Terry and I went for a bite to eat, he mentioned that he wanted to swing by the practice to see how it was going.  "O' please, don't twist my arm, Terry!  I have my camera right here with me!!!"  So, I hopped out and took a few pics of the kids at practice.  It was too dark and I got alot of blur.  Then, I turned around and saw that the sun was sitting on top of the press box.  So, I got a couple sunset ball park shots.  

We have clocked many days, or entire weekends rather, from sun up to waaaay past sunset at ballparks all over this country.  We crossed through our state and traveled to neighboring states to play Fastpitch Softball EVERY weekend of the summer.  Plus, we always qualified to go to a national tournament.  For Karmyn's final tournament, we traveled to a hightly competitive, aspirational tournament in Denver, CO.  We stayed there for a week, which is typical for a big tourney.  There were so many teams.  I am can't remember the exact number, but I think I was close to 200.  We placed either 4th of 5th in that tournament.  So, this image has a personal significance to me.  Not only the location, but the time of year-Opening of Baseball & Softball Season or maybe the significance for me might be the sun's setting on our Softball days. bittersweet.    
Press Pause on Music Playlist (upper right sidebar).
I created a video this morning of the beautiful faces and fun at the Spring Festival that I went to yesterday.  All of the photos are beautiful on my computer.  Although, because they were compressed as a wave file, there is distortion in the clarity of the images.  I need to check into HD quality for You Tube.   This is the first time I posted to You Tube.  Still learning stuff! 

O' well, this vid/slideshow looks absolutely beautiful in the High Definition format which I was able to view on computer.  Even though it doesn't look as good here, I still wanted to post it to my blog.  I enjoyed a beautiful sun shining day of photography yesterday.  This is what I captured...here you go!