Saturday, March 13, 2010

Day 64 of 365, Headless Photog Geek & BREC Botanical Gardens

Day 64 of 365, I think I will caption this one, "Headless Photog lives to shoot again". :) I went to Train Station Park for a quick self portrait.  I am reading Vic Orenstein's book about photographing children.  I am super excited that soon, I will get the chance to photograph some of the cutest kids!  I met Brandi H. and her two little ones in the grocery store parking lot.  Her kids caught my eye.  She was busy trying to get them in the buggy so that she could do her shopping.  Her vehicle was parked next to mine, so when I rounded the vehicle, I noticed her little daughter with crystal blue eyes standing in the bottom of the cart.  Her adorable, charmer of a son was in the baby seat.  They are both gorgeous with a captial G!   I told her that I bet she has some beautiful pics of her little ones.  She said that she would like to have their pics taken.  lalalalalalalal...that was music to my ears!  I told her that I would love to photograph her children.  We exchanged contact information and finally got together to try to schedule a photo session.  As Brandi and I were talking over the phone, I heard her little 18 mo. old rambunctious baby boy in the background.  Then, I heard her say, "Oh no!  He just learned how to climb on the cabinet!"  lol!!!  I didn't have a little boy, but I can definitely imagine what a combination of joy and handful they might be.  
So, I tried a different angle. I can call this one, "Geek, tie your shoe laces." hehee~
I had to go return some books at the Goodwood Branch Library today. So, I decided to visit the BREC Botanical Gardens today. This is a volunteer worked garden project. I could tell that they are beginning to re-work the gardens after the winter season. There were a few flowering plants that I thought were pretty as a picture. So, here they are.

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