Wednesday, October 20, 2010

High School SENIORS photo shoot October 17, 2010 - Allison & Lexi

Allison and Lexi are two High School friends.  Oh, my did I enjoy these two girls.  Melissa invited them to our all day Senior photo shoot event.  They are both beautiful girls with big friendly smiles and personalities.  Allison and Lexi are super cool chicks.  They are also very down-to-earth and open to play!  I hope they will always be playful and free spirited.  Allison has a dark complexion and Lexi is beautifully fair.  I wanted to ask Lexi if she had an Irish heritage when I saw her light blue eyes and features. 

I created a slideshow with some of my fave individual shots that I captured.  We walked over to catch some buddy pics by the pond.  And, they played with me and all my crazy ideas.  I love it!  I am anxious to see what amazing shots Melissa was able to capture. 

I used Shakira's song Gypsy for the slideshow music.  Shakira is my favorite artist.  I love her cuz her Hips Don't Lie!  lol...I really love her song Gypsy.  The life of a gypsy has always captured my imagination.  I hope you enjoy the music along with Allison and Lexi's slideshow.   

We found some Amazing Light under the pavillion by the pond! Puuuurrrfection!

High School SENIORS photo shoot October 17, 2010 - Bryan & Vyctoria

Melissa invited the very handsome Bryan to model for our new business partnership. We wish to tap into he High School Senior photography market. Bryan brought along Vyctoria. They were sooo much fun. Both of them have a great free spirit and tried all our suggestions.  Bryan and Vyctoria provided us with  many, many photo opps.  They are the cutest couple.  We enjoyed them both.  Their photo shoot began shortly before dusk.  We were racing the sundown.  I am happy about the timing actually because we caught some nightime couple's shots at the playground.  These shots were an unplanned bonus.

Thanks B & V for coming out to play with us.  You are both adorable!

p.s. The slideshow music is Shakira.  I loooove Shakira so I downloaded her new album.  The song I chose was Men in the Town.  Vyctoria found her Man in the Town!