Sunday, January 10, 2010

Our Little Mia is 2 years old

Mia likes to get her daily 22 hours of beauty sleep.
This is Mia and Karmyn. Karmyn is our youngest daughter.
Mia is not hurtin' for hugs & attention, is she?
Here is our Mia. She is 2 years old already. Mia is my daughter's puppy. I had never wanted an inside dog. When my oldest daughter, Kayla, asked me if she could buy a puppy, I gave her a mile long list of what kind of dog I DIDN'T want. At the top of the list was, 'no stinky, no messy, no yippy yappy dog, I better not hear it, smell it or have to change my lifestyle one IOTA!'.

Well, guess what. Our little Mia did change my lifestyle. I now have a cuddle pup and constant companion. I call her my squishy stuffed animal with a pulse. And, no she doesn't stink or do the yap, yap, yap. She's perfect. Kayla picked the 'just right one' for our family.

Day Two of Project 365

Good morning. It is cold and I am in South Louisiana y'all!!! I have had to run the pool pump all week for fear of freezing. It has been getting down under freezing every night. I am up this morning and out with a hot cup of coffee. It looks like it is going to be a beautiful day but a bit chilly, brrrrr. So much for global warming. There are snowbound people all over this country. Humph!

Hey friends, you are free to disagree. But, I think the global warming concept is politically driven & blown out of proportion. On a side note: I do love Ed Begley. He is over the top and hilarious with his Super Environmental Conservationalist personna. If you don't know who he is, just picture using pedal power to create electricity to make toast. That is Ed Begley. So quirky yet charming.