Sunday, October 31, 2010

NASCAR Race Weekend, Day 1 at Talledega Super Speedway

Below is a smilebox slideshow of images from Day 1 of our very first NASCAR Race Weekend in Talledega, AL.  This slideshow is a Truck Race that we saw on Saturday.  It was exciting and I picked out a driver right away.  He was #23.  He stayed in the top 3 but rolled the dice...decided NOT to re-fuel.  I think he didn't have enough gas to finish out like I had hoped.  Darned ole Chris chose the favorite and 2 time winner, Kyle Busch #18.  #18 did choose to re-fuel and he ended up doing the Victory Burn Out for the crowd!  So, Chris' guy won!

I have captioned each picture in the smilebox.  Hope you enjoy it!
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