Monday, January 31, 2011

I like to spin a yarn but here is a Master Yarn Spinner! Take a listen...

I heard this Story Teller talk this morning and had to share.  I found myself sitting in front of my laptop.  Then, I began leaning into my laptop monitor.  Then, eventually, I was standing on my feet with elbows on the counter still leaning in because I was completely dialed in to the story delivered by a Master Storyteller.  His name is Jay O'Callahan.  Take a listen.  I hope you have several minutes to give him your full attention.  If not, I am afraid that you will not be able to fully appreciate.  And, appreciation is GOLDEN!

Free your mind...T minus 5,4,3,2,1...PRESS PLAY and be swept away!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Raindrops Keep Falling On My {umbrella that Terry keeps holding over my} Head!

We left the house. 
Destination:  movie theater to watch Green Hornet

Looking through my passenger side glass through the rain bubbles.  This is the corner lot intersection at Amite Church Rd and Hwy 16.  It has been a vacant field for a very long time.  It looks like a development is coming.  I suspect it will look very different soon.  I wish I had old pictures of Hwy 16 when it was a curvy 2 lane highway with trees on each side of the undeveloped land.  Now, we have 4 lanes, 3 red lights and we will soon be getting our very own Walmart!  I remember when Linda's Chicken Hut put up a neon sign in the early 80's, I believe.   A neon sign?!  That was a big deal and great source of pride at how uptown we were becoming! 

 Over the last few months, construction has begun on our new hometown high school & my own alma mater.  From what I understand, it will be the largest school in the entire state.  Oh my goodness.  28 years ago, my HS graduating class totalled 54 students! 

Terry and I went to Chilli's.  As we were walking up to enter the front doors, I saw these twiggy branches full of water droplets.  I asked him to hold the umbrella over my head while I tried to get a picture.  He kept telling me to hurry up.  My point and shoot had a difficult time focusing.  I think he was getting embarrassed because he thought people were looking at us from inside.  He cares about stuff like that.  I don't give a fig.  But, he kept putting the pressure on me so this is the best I could do.  I like the colors and I think the image has a sort of abstract appeal.  I kept the image and posted it because it helps me remember Terry holding the umbrella over my head even though everything in him wanted to escape from the worst possible thing...Someone thinking something about him...!
  He loves me.
But, he needs to get over himself.

p.s.  We ate, felt stuffed, skipped the movie, went to Best Buy for a car charger for Papa T, went home.   The end.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Turkey Pot Pie in a Jiffy!

I made two Turkey Pot Pies tonight from a Taste of Home Comfort Food diet Cookbook.  Actually, I found the recipe titled  'easy chicken pot pie'.  I decided to use turkey in place of chicken.  This recipe is certainly very easy.   To prepare the turkey, I cooked 4 turkey breast cutlets in onion powder, garlic & herb seasonings, salt & black pepper seasoned boiling water then diced into small cubes.  I made a couple modifications to the recipe simply because I wanted to use what I had.  You might like to try the original recipe on page 208.  (image of cookbook cover at bottom of post)  Below is how I put mine together and they came out perfectly delicious. 
For pot pie filling, mix:
1 c. cream of mushroom
1 c. cream of chicken
1 c. peas and carrots, drained
1/2 c. milk
2 turkey breast cutlets or 2 chicken breasts, diced
1/4 tsp. of black pepper
salt to taste
*spray cooking spray in pie plate and fill with mixture


1 1/2 c. baking mix (I used Jiffy)
2/3 c. milk
*drop by tablespoon full over the top of the turkey pot pie filling

375 degrees / 30-40 minutes
(I lined aluminum foil under the pies in case any liquid bubbed over. It didn't.)

My family enjoys the pot pies that I make with double layer crusts.  I like those too. But, I can tell you this recipe is so easy and delicious.  I simply doubled the recipe above to make these two pies.  When I took the hot pot pies out of the oven, I had to take a quick snap because Terry was waiting in the wings with saucer and fork in hand.  On my, 'go', he dished up a nice serving of Turkey Pot Pie to enjoy while he watched his ESPN on this, relax away Saturday.  

Kayla and Trevor came home from dinner and a movie and stopped for a tasty taste.  After I told them that it was a diet recipe, Trevor went back for another taste!

If you try the recipe, write back and let me know if you like it too.  This was my first recipe that I tried from my new Taste of Home Cookbook.  I'm anxious to test more.  I'll let you know when I do.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

WHOA NELLY! Hop off Yo High Horse There Lady!

Today was mani/pedi day.  AhHH... I could not wait to sink my tootsies in the hot bubbly water while I sat in the massage chair.  I picked out my favorite Red polish for my toes, then shuffled through the selection of magazines.  There were the typical Nail Pro Magazines that really do not interest me.  shuffle. shuffle.  ok.  I'll take Time Magazine.  I'll take Herrington Catalogue.  I'll take Charisma.  I didn't know what Charisma was.  As the water began to fill up the foot basin, I chose Charisma.  I was prepared to thumb quickly through the thin pages to see if anything caught my interest.  You know what I mean by flipping through magazines absentmindedly.  It's just a pass time or a way to stay within your own little bubble as you get your pedi..  The first advertisement was  for a Joel Olsteen seminar held in January.  I flipped through.  Then, a title page caught my attention.  There was a large sinister looking face staring straight ahead.  The title of the article read something like Devil in Pew 7.  I was curious about what it was about.  I began to read.  The first paragraph captured my attention as it began with the tension of any good suspense story.  The character was running scared.  In first person, the author writes how she could feel the pain of her bare feet slapping against the black asphalt street.  She could not stop.  She needed air.  She could not stop to breath.  She was running in fear and running for help.  As the story unfolded, the author went back to the beginning to tell of a character named Mr. Williams who sat in the Pew 7.  Mr. Williams was a manipulator within the church.  What he said, went. No one EVER went against his wishes.  Until, that is, her father became the new pastor.  Her father recognized this man for who he was.  He also realized that even though Mr. Williams had been sitting in Pew 7 for many years, he was not even a member of the church.   The new pastor explained to the church that only members are allowed to vote on decisions within the church.  Mr. Williams, realizing that he lost his authority, began to threaten the new pastor and his family.  They found their tires slit, found bomb threats against the church.  One night, there was a glass that was shattered in her baby brother's room even as the baby was in the crib.  Miraculously, with shards of glass all around, the baby was left unharmed.  Then, one night, the Devil from Pew 7 entered the family's home and shot to kill her mother and father.   Her mother died that night.  The author who was a young girl at the time, ran for cover under the kitchen table.  She remembered hiding behind the table and chair legs.  When she saw her helpless father try to lift his arms and could not.   She knew that she was the only person able to run for help.  It took all her courage to try to be as quiet as possible and sneak out the kitchen back door. She ran and ran with everything she had. 

Years later, she received a phone call.  She could not believe who it was.  It was the man that murdered her mother.  During his stay in prison, he was ministered to and found true salvation.  He knew that the first thing he needed to do was seek her forgiveness.  

Wow,  then the next article was a teaching on the Principles of Forgiveness.  Do you sense a pattern here?

Then, the next article was a re-telling about the mad man who went into the Amish School House and fired away at 10 Amish school girls.  5 were killed.   Even though their loss was so great, the parents of the children reached out to the wife of the murderer.  They wanted to let her know that they held no ill will toward her.  After burying their own children the day before, 75 Amish men and women attended the funeral of the man who turned the gun on himself after the massacre.  Along with their forgiveness, they brought food and gifts for the family.   Heartbreaking and Heart Lifting at the same time, right?

Yesterday, I wrote about the bitter distaste that was left with after someone disappointed me.  'Whoa NELLY!   Hop off Yo High Horse There Lady!'.  That was the message that my spirit received loud and clear.  By some 'strange coincidence',  I got the preachin' that I needed through the pages of a random magazine at the nail salon.  That magazine, like most of the literature was probably something dropped off by someone as a donation.  You know the sort of publications I am talking about... previously perused and passed on!  Do you think it was a random coincidence?  I don't.  I think there are no random coincidences.  I know the Word says that God spoke this world into existence.  I think God speaks to us in many ways.  Sometimes a whisper, sometimes He will snatch us by the ear.   I think I got an earful today. 

I received that needed preachin' and I have to say I was properly humbled.  Humbled by how I blew a  situation all out of proportion in my mind.  I blew my cool.  I repent of my own sin of pride and unforgiveness that I was willing to carry.  I need to get over myself because my SELF can only get in the way!  I am humbled by the examples of forgiveness freely offered by the Amish.   In my SELFishness, I realize that I could only see how I felt.  How I was impacted.  How I was being taken for granted.  How I refuse to budge one more inch.   ewe.  yucky selfishness. 

Please forgive me AND my silly SELF, O' Lord.
i see you, seeing me.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

From Disappointment to Bountifully Blessed...All in One Day!

The cute shoes, 30% off purchase today. 
The big bounty of white?  El Noope'! 

Definition of Bitter-having a harsh, disagreeably acrid taste, like that of aspirin, quinine, wormwood, or aloes.  

I don't know if I have ever actually had a physical taste of quinine, wormwood or aloes as referenced in the dictionary definition.  Although, recently,  I have been left with a taste of bitter disappointment.  I can attest, my friends, that kind of bitter after taste can be described as harsh and disagreeably acrid. 

All I can say in this blog post is that over the course of a few days, I have been bitterly disappointed by someone.  I will not express specifics. There are only 2 people who know the instance that I am talking about because one of them was directly impacted. The other is my lifelong confidant. What I can say is that "When you push against me, expect resistance.  I have a low center of gravity and will not back down or give one inch more than I am willing!" That is a promise and you can quote me on it. Enough said.  

And, then today...! Thank you, Good Lord, for giving me today!

I met someone who heard my heart's desire and then blessed me beyond measure. I have been contemplating a set up for a bridal shoot. I want to recruit some models and create a 'Destination Wedding' portfolio. The problem for me is the fact that I would need a supply of wedding gowns. Well, I have my own wedding dress that is now almost 25 years old. Other than that? Nada. Obviously, my starting point is to find some affordable bridal gowns. In photography, sometimes you can fake a few things. You know what I mean. Think about props and backdrops. Sometimes, the setting is real. Most times, the image presents a mere illusion of reality. With that in mind, I was on a hunt for an affordable wedding gown. I figured that I could simply modify it, if need be, by clamping the bodice, etc...

Along my path, I first stopped at a thrift store. blah, blah,.. Nah! Nothing there. I really didn't expect to find anything at the thrift store that I would like to use but I thought to give it a try. So, I left the thrift store and continued down the boulevard. Actually, I knew exactly where I wanted to shop next. I had been thinking about this shop and even picturing myself talking to the owner. The shop I am referring to is a small, well run consignment boutique. Years ago, I purchased two beautiful formal gowns for my oldest daughter. She still has them today. In my mind, I had practiced what I wanted to ask. I was going to offer to rent the dresses if the shop owner was willing.

I went into the store and there against the side wall were an array of white bridal gowns in clear plastic zippered bags. I saw price tags ranging from 299.00 to 599.00. uh oh. That was way out of range for me to purchase as a prop. The owner stepped up to me and asked if she could help me. That is when I asked her if she ever rented out her dresses. In her kind way, she told me no but wanted to know what I was thinking. I told her what I had in mind. Then, she told me that she might have a dress in the warehouse that didn't sell. That's when she said, "If you look at it and think it is something you can use...Then, I can bless you with it." Ummm. Ahem. Did she just tell me she would give me a dress for free? Yes, that is what she said.  My heart was rightly 'blessed' simply by her offer. Just to have someone who is willing to give me something made me feel very, very blessed indeed.

She had her helper go to the store room and pick out a few of her favorite dresses. I picked out my favorite. Then, I offered to purchase a couple more that were left hanging. My intention was to give SOMETHING to the store owner for her generosity. She refused to allow me to pay anything. She said that this selection of dresses were left at the store. They did not sell and the owner never picked them up. She didn't know exactly what she would do with them. Long story short. I left the consignment boutique with SIX bridal gowns! FREE! El Noope'! (no out of pocket expense!) Yes, I was blessed today as I drove home with a back seat chock full of fluffy white bridal gowns! Thank you Lord from whom ALL blessings flow!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Me & Melissa check out latest wedding files at Starbucks

Melissa and I met at Starbucks to share our images from our latest Wedding.  This was Melissa's 1st commissioned wedding.  Because she assisted me on almost all of my Weddings last year, I was excited to help her out. 

ooooh, so lovely!  Don't you wish you could see?
Time for another swig!
Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. McQuiddy!

Melissa's daughter is behind the lens!  When I saw that pom-pom on top of my head, I was scared it was a glamour don't... 

So, I 'whip my hair my hair back and forth' to just 'shake 'em off'!  Just whip it, Whip it Real Good! & Got my Swag On!  lol! 

BEWARE, ADVISORY WARNING:  If you watch this video,  you just might feel the need to uncontrollably "Whip Your Hair Back and Forth"! 

Willow Smith - Whip My Hair ( Official Video TyhansTV )
Uploaded by tyhansofficiel. - See the latest featured music videos.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Old Governor's Mansion-Jazz Musicians & Ballroom Dancing

Melissa of Melissa Roe Photography, and I went to the Old Governor's Mansion to scope out the situation!  Not a Jersey Shore 'Situation' but a BR Wedding Expo Situation.  Our intention was to find out how other photographer's set up their display and see if there is enough traffic to make the expense worthwhile.  When we were walking up to the steps to enter the Mansion, we had to figure out which one of us was going to be the bride!  hmmmm... It didn't matter!  Hey, they snatched up our 10 dollars cash at the door.  So, we went up in there like we owned the joint!  Actually, when we walked in we could smell ...sniff, sniff, sniff....Wedding appetizers & h'orderves!  My favorite food group.

Melissa and I enjoyed a plate full of super delicious party food provided by Drake's Catering and Heirloom Catering.  Both catering companies had food spreads on the huge buffet table in the Dining Room.  It was elegantly displayed.  Better than that...that food was bombdiggity.   There was a Wine and Martini Bar serving their special Blue Tinis.   Wafting from down the hall ..., sniff, sniff, sniff...(think Blue's Clues!)...we caught a whiff of that distinctive fine smell of  freshly brewING coffee.  Ain't no better aroma!  So, we followed our noses down the hall and around the corner to the coffee urn.  That dark peculated coffee was just we wanted.   I didn't count 'em but Melissa was tearing open quite a few packets of creamer and sugar.  I noticed her swizzling with the skinny black stir stick.  Then, she had to go through a few repetitions of...sluuuuurrrp..sip, sip, sip...smack, smack, smack....til she got it juuuuust right.  She is so funny.  Me?  I don't need NO CereMony!  -  plain black coffee here.  :)  

I love to observe how people do things in their own way.  People watching is cheap entertainment.  Speaking of entertaining, here are some pics that I took of the Jazz Band Ensemble that played during the meet and greet hour.  This band was fantastic.  I was diggin' on their groove.  To tell the truth, I was ready to go lay some James Brown moves out on the dance floor.  I decided not to embarrass Melissa.  Plus, I didn't want to make a Spectacle of myself!  Notice how similar the words Spectacle and Spectacular are.  Maybe I should have laid my James Brown moves out on the floor...I just might have been Spectacular instead!  
Guess we will never know.  
Que Sera, Sera
I took all these pics with my point and shoot that I had in my purse.  Beside the fact that I did not want to rudely walk up and pop flash into the eyes of the musicians, I purposefully turned OFF the camera flash because I wanted capture ambiance.   

For these moody pics, I love the character that comes through without flash.  When I know that I must nail the safe, clear shot, my flash gets turned on of course. But, when I shoot for fun...I can experiment a little.  I love the freeedom of digital photography.  Some are keepers...some are weepers. 
 I decided these were keepers.

For the dancers, I knew that I was going to have motion blur because I was not using flash to stop the motion.

I like all these  images!!!  In the past, I'm sure I probably would have deleted all of them because
a) they are dark.  b) they are blurry. 
After viewing and studying photography, my eye appreciates imperfections in a new way.
 I adore the ethereal effect of the blurring created by the swirling dancers & musicians. 

Here is a you tube video of Doris Day singing Que Sera, Sera.  I always thought Doris Day was a classy lady.  And, we share a First Name! 
Yep, my first name is Doris.  I was named after my beloved Aunt Dot. 

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Hand Crafted & Custom Designed...GRANNY BEADS!

 Last month, I went with mom to her bead supplier.  What kind of image does, 'kid in a candy store' conjure up?  Well, just imagine'Tootie in a jewelry store'!  Oh, yeah!  Anybody that knows me, can tell you that I am like a fish.  Anything SHINY lures me - hook, line & sinker!  I am rather proud of myself.  I did refrain from buying out the whole store.  What I decided on was some very unique beads.  They are actually taken from a granite quarry.  This granite is very expensive and the Japanese are buying up huge slabs of the stuff for countertops.  I could not resist these beads.  The overall color looks to be an olive green.  Yet, when you look close, you can see colors of purple and gold in the veining.  I think they are gorgeous up close and personal.  In the first and second picture posted here, I attempted to show their beauty.  I think they look pretty here but a photo can not describe the luxurious, weighty quality of the beads.  These two photos were taken at Mom's jewelry work bench as she was trying to configure a pattern for a custom necklace design.   Mom did finish my necklace that she had begun here.  Not only did I get one necklace from these unique beads, I got 2 necklaces, 2 braclets & 3 pair of earrings!  I love them. I am in an old black hoodie sweatshirt, yoga pants, tennis shoes and sit here at the computer with my new shiny jewerly dripping off me.   Yep, that's me... bedecked and bedazzled to the 'NINES' in my new jewelry as I type this blog post. 
Cuz that's how I roll, y'all!

Here is the rose colored swarovski pearl necklace & bracelet strands, plus earrings that Mom created for herself.  Previously, she had only created her pearl strands with genuine cultured pearls.  Then, she discovered the Swarovski Pearls.  They are excellent, excellent quality Swarovski created colored pearls with a Lifetime Guarantee.  With the Swarovski name behind them, the quality is unquestionable.  It is worth the extra expense for heirloom quality pieces.   

Contact Betty Slaton For Pricing Information. 
You will be surprised at Mom's prices.  I tell her she is giving her beautiful hand crafted jewelry away. 
She told me that she likes to do it and is happy with her pricing structure.  
 Every piece she creates is meticulously and carefully constructed. 
You will have something that will last if you are lucky enough to own her

Saturday, January 8, 2011

our Littlest RugRats

Here is our sweet, gentle Mia.  She will be 3 years old soon.  She is quiet and respectful and really a perfect housedog.  Kayla bought her and she became our family's first housedog to actually become a permanant member of the family.  I have never wanted an indoor pet.  When the girl's were young, we tried but it didn't work out.  I just don't have the patience.  Mia came and stayed.  We all fell in love with her.  She did make mistakes when she was younger and I fussed like crazy.  But, I really love her still.  Mia began to get so chubby because she is a true lapdog.  I always say that she is a 'stuffed dog with a pulse'.  I made the comment one day that she needed a friend that she can run around the yard with.  My younger daughter heard this and I am sure her ears perked up because before I knew what hit me,
In Comes Bella! 
SMUGGLED In Comes Bella, I should mention!
Yes, Karmyn smuggled her into our home.  I woke up one morning and I saw Kayla standing in Karmyn's room while Karmyn was still in bed.  Then, my mom sonar heard, "Have you told Mom, yet?"  I did my whip around on a dime and slipped in to find out, "Told Mom what?"  Karmyn smiled and slowly pulled out this little 6 week old puppy that she had hidden under her covers.  She told me that she bought her for $50 from SPCA.  SPCA had set up outside Petco.  When Karmyn saw her, she could not leave her.  She quickly reminded me, "Mom, you said that Mia needed a friend!". 
I am sure she had that line prepared!
And, that is how Bella  was smuggled into the family.  Bella is almost one year old now.  She wants to be everywhere that I am.  For so many, many years, I was completely closed to the idea of having an indoor pet.  I didn't want the problems.  I still do not want the problems.  Although, I now know what it means to be absolutely adored by a dog.   Isn't it nice to be absolutely adored?

Bella aka Bellie Belle.
Now, what is NOT nice?  Don't get me started!  This is a terribly undisciplined dog.  If you only knew! 
When she is bad, Terry calls her a Thug Dog because she is a mixed breed.  Then, I feel sorry for her for being a "thug dog".  Then, immediately I realize that she is Thug and she is bbbBad-Bad to the Bone!  Sometimes the frustrastion makes me feel like a bull with steam blowing out of my ears. 
Then, there are other times when I love her so much.
Like, when I take a nap Bella aways curls up into her duddle bug ball right next to me.
The warm snuggly duddle ball makes everything OK.  Needless to say she smuggled her way right into my heart. 

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Dinner (& a Movie) for Schmucks

Yesterday, after work, Terry called to ask what we were having for supper.  I told him the frig is full of left overs so I did not cook.  He told me he was pea'd & cabbaged out.  Well, he had a point.  It is time to clean out all those left overs from New Year's Day because we are now well into 2011. 
It is crazy how fast the days roll by!  Before you know it..., well I'm not gonna say it. 

Dinner for Schumcks was just released for movie rental.  I rented it from the Red Box that stands outside our hometown Walgreens.  When Terry called, I told him that I had rented a couple movies.  He asked me how pizza sounded.  Pizza?!!  Yeah, pizza and a movie sounds like a winner.  He told me to call in pizza and he would pick it up before he came home. 

Today's photo challenge is 'Natural Framing'.  This morning, I noticed the empty pizza box on the kitchen countertop from last night's Dinner & a Movie.  Seeing the pizza box gave me an idea.  My idea was to attempt to shoot through the hole in the center of the movie case.  So, above is my interpetation of Dinner (& a movie) for Schmucks.  By the way, I only saw half of it because Kayla came home and needed my attention with something.  The half that I did see was HILLARIOUS!  Steve Carrell and Paul Rudd are both two of my favorite comedic actors.  Put them together, and this move was INSANE! 

Here was my quick set up.  I used a lunch box to bring the hole into position to see the little pizza man.  Then, I had to strain to get high up on my tippy toes to see down through the hole. 
I'm lucky I that I didn't get hurky, jerky motion blur in the close up shot. 
Ok, now it is time to go watch the rest of this crazy movie so that I can return it tonight. 
Hope you have an INSANELY HILLARIOUS Happy Day!  :)

Monday, January 3, 2011

New 2011 Calender Planning - Posh, no doubt!

Here is my new new planner for this year.  Ever since I was a young girl, I always enjoyed writing out my goals, plans and dreams at the turn of each new year.  I make a solemn promise to myself that I am going to carry through with my hope of being the ultimate organizer.  Lack of organization in my mind and environment has been my perpetual stumbling block.  I would love to be the type that puts their hands on something once and make a snap decision about how best to handle the situation.  Then, carry out the process forthwith!  Oh, yeah...I would feel so empowered if that could be so.  But, 'one and done' is not my Modus Operandi.  (Method of Operation, or commonly called M.O. in crime speak)  Alas, 'one and done' is but a dream for me.  If I handle something too long, it brings up 'feeeelings'.  Feeeeelings like, "I don't need to get rid of this because, someone gave it to me and I would feeeel bad.  Or, I remember how I feeeelt when I purchased it so long ago."  I could go on and on about those feeeelings!  If you are a Clinger ON-ner, you will know what I mean.  Once again, I purchased my NEW YEAR PLANNER in hopes of being perpetually organized instead.  Don't you love how fresh & clean a brand new date book is?  I do.  I love the idea of  filling up all the open dates with exciting new experiences. 
FRESH & NEW.  Those are my words of promise for 2011.
I love the promise of starting the year, FRESH & NEW. 
So, here is to a FRESH, new perspective in 2011. 
I am sure if you follow along with my daily blog adventures,
you will find out exactly how my new POSH Planner dates get penciled in.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Getting back to my Daily Challenges

When I first started to do the daily challenges with my Internet photography group, I was a faithful daily participant.  Every morning, I would check to see what the inspiration was for the day.  Immediately, my mind would dwell on that.  I would work up a concept.  Then I made sure that I would accomplish it.  I worked as diligently on the challenges as if it were a paying gig.  In fact my family would often ask me, "What's the word for today?".  They had grown accustomed to my loading up the vehicle and striking out on a search for some inspiration so that I could participate with my photo group.  I loved having a reason and purpose for my photography.  All of that really helped develop and stretch my creative vision as I was learning new techniques as I went along.  All good right?  Yeah, all good and very worth the effort.

After posting to the group, I found myself spending hours upon hours at the computer.  I loved every minute of  that part just as much.  The social media aspect was the fun part of being in a photographer's forum.   Meeting new online photo friends  fulfilled my interests.  I could always find encouragement in this group and tried to reciprocate by encouraging everyone as well.  But, by the time I was done, a huge chunk of my day was gone.  Can anyone relate to spending way too much of their day's focus on social media?  That's not even a question because I know the answer! 

So, because of this time killer, I let the housework slide.  Ok, I must be fair and admit that I have been known to use ANY form of procrastination to keep from doing dreaded housework!  Aside from the housework problem, too much sitting at the computer causes something else that is not so desirable!  uh,huh...!  Needless to say, I knew I had to back off and concentrate on other things including more exercise, please!  I miss my online comrades but I need to do what is in my best interest. 

On this January 2011 morning, I decided that I was going to continue to hold off on participating in the social aspect of the group forum but work on the daily inspirations offered through the group challenge.  For today, I saw that the word of the day was SCULPTURE.   Terry watched football all day today.  Because I try to hang around Papa T. when he is off on the weekends, I did not leave the house today.

I thought about my small concrete statue of a lady holding a basket that I purchased a very, very long time ago.   She sits close to my driveway.  Beside her, there is a nandina bush.  I planted both of them there and that is where they remain.  The statue is still small but the nandina is now tall.  I always like to take pics of the little red berries that grow in clusters on the nandina bush. 

Here she is.  

Saturday, January 1, 2011

ok, so...Brandilyn just rocked my world!

This is sort of a continution to one of my previous posts.
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In short, Brandilyn and I went on a photo field trip because she had received a new camera for Christmas.  I think I am 'miss let me teach you something about taking pics B-ran!'  When I picked her up from her home, we did not have a plan about the WHERE but we had a plan about the WHAT.  In other words, we did not know where we wanted to go but we knew what we wanted to do when we got there.  Our intention was to pracitice taking pics with our cameras on what I call a 'photo field trip'. 

We jumped on the intersate and headed east.  Desination?  Any destination USA.  Actually, as we drove, we decided to visit a local college campus for photo opps.  It was the perfect time to go there because school was shut down for the holidays.  We pulled into the parking lot and was stopped by the campus police.  "Where ya headed?"  I told him what we were doing and he gave us permission to park and walk the campus grounds.  As we walked about, I showed Brandilyn a tip about changing your perspective to give new interest to a photo.  She and I both were doing the 'let's see how a worm sees' trick by getting underneath our subject and shooting up.  Here is an example of her two best pics.  I'm jealous because when I saw hers, I thought they blew mine out of the water!  Ok, so little 'miss let me teach you...' (me) got SCHOOLED by her high school aged niece!  And, I ain't too proud to say it because I am a very proud Aunt indeed.  :)

 I referenced a previous post at the top. In that referenced post, I showed an example of an image I captured of Brandilyn shooting up on this oak tree sprout.   Above is her resulting image. 
Go B-ran,   I love it!

In my opinion, here is the 
 Pièce de résistance!

Bravo, Brandilyn on a wonderful capture.  Great eye! 
I love the tree without and the tree within perspective. 
 I am amazed.....and must admit to feeling properly SCHOOLED! 
I didn't even notice this scene but sure glad you did.  I think it would make a great wall art piece.  
Yes, you did good. 
Together, you & your new Nikon s6000 rock! 

New Year's Eve 2011 Slideshow

Terry and I had a great time celebrating the New Year at Barbara & Billy's house.  Billy cooked up a delicious big pot of Jambalya & White Beans.  Barbara had two tables of her special treats laid out, one inside and one outside.  Their daughter, Baileigh made brownies that were gobbled in no time flat.  We ate,  laughed, talked, danced, bourre'd, watched a fireworks show & toasted a Happy New Year 2011! 

We happened to be the last guests to leave.  We were trying to wear out our welcome, I believe.  Nah, we have not seen Barbara and Billy in such a long time and I was enjoying the visit.  Barbara brought up some possible summer travel plans.  Oh my gosh, don't even get me started!  Terry and I loooove talking and dreaming about vacations, past and future!   Poor Billy was sleepy, I just know he was ready to jump in the sack.   We'll have to talk VACA again soon.   That was fun!

Hey, Barbara and Billy.  Thank you so much for your generous hospitality.  I created a slideshow of the party revelry.  I didn't have my accessory camera flash so I had to use my pop up flash.  Bummer...I got some lens hood shadow which I couldn't really fix without cropping into the picture.  Then, I got some red eyes that I could fix in lightroom.  These images would have been captured better if I had my big flash available.  But, all in all, I wouldn't take a million dollars for any one of them.  I am so glad that I captured the good time had by everyone.  Also, I treasure the group pic captured by Melissa.  Thanks to ya, sista photochick.

Here you go.  I hope you enjoy the show.
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