Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Me & Brandilyn on a Photo Field Trip

When I saw this Episcopalian Church, I had to stop to appreciate it's charm.  The signage in the front garden said that the first service was held in March, 1876.  It is immaculately pristine.  This beauty has, no doubt, stood through many trials and tribulations, changes of seasons, and changes of time/times.  I can say one thing for sure, it has certainly aged gracefully.    
I told Brandilyn to grab her camera and put it in Landscape mode for a gorgeous shot of this church.  Her parents gave her a Nikon point and shoot for Christmas so we were in search of great photo opps on this day.  I am anxious to see what she captured.  While we were in the front lawn of the church, two ladies stepped out of the church office to say their good-byes.  One of the ladies went along on her way and the other asked us if we would like to come in for a quick tour of the sanctuary.  I was utterly astounded by the beauty of the stained glass on all four sides.  The church is small but excellent.  I appreciate the nice lady who graciously extended her welcome for us to admire her church. 

After we left the church, we found another location that we wanted to explore.  I told Brandilyn that our assignment was to try to imagine the view point of a worm. This was a tip that Bryan Peterson teaches alot.  I had just read that tip in fact in his book about Seeing Creatively.  I snapped the two pictures above.  I'm pretty sure they are from a worm's vantage point. Obviously, the tiny yellow flowers are low to the earth, just as this little rusty bolt that was on a utility pole next to the curb. 

Brandilyn is pictured with her camera as low to the ground as possible.  Or, I should say, as low to the stump root as possible.  She is trying to capture the image shooting up on the little oak sprout.  I saw it in her view finder and it looked amazing.  The little sprout looked like a gigantor sprout.  It appeared singularly tall and imposing set against a blue, blue sky.  Great idea B-Ran!  Hey, keep your camera battery good and charged up.  Keep experimenting and looking for ways to See Creatively.  Thanks for wanting to hop along on my photo field trips.

Excuse me Brandilyn, you look so OC!!! 
And, this is me.  :)
When I brought Brandilyn home, her little dog named Maggie was in her kennel waiting for someone to come home and set her free.  When she was let out, she came running in a flying, feathery fur bundle of  fluffy friendliness!  Maggie is a beauty and sweet, sweet, sweet. 
Oh, yeah, check out my new wheels.  We traded in my big 13mpg Lincoln Navigator for a Kia Sportage.  It makes me feel young and spunky!


  1. You are so right, that church is beauiful....and you captured it's beauty beautifully!!!

  2. Loved the post, wish I could have been there too.


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