Thursday, June 3, 2010

Day 145 of 365, Bridge to the Light...

Today's Photo Challenge was Bridge.  I left my house at around 7:30pm with my camera.  I didn't want to go far from home to take a picture because I knew that I was losing light really fast.  I knew there were small wooden bridges constructed to cross over the wide drainage canals at the local park.  So, I headed that way.  One of my flickr friends is the inspiration for the title of this post, "Bridge to the Light".  She said this looked like a path to the light.  I thought that was a poetic interpretation.  Since the object of the challenge was bridge, I chose to caption this post..."Bridge to the Light".  Thanks LaValle for the inspiration.

I love to watch people play.  Here are two men practicing their sport.  It had  just rained and I could see them kick up a spray of water every now and then.  I was so tempted to ask them if I could practice some action shots with water spray.  Wouldn't that have been neat?  I didn't have the nerve.  Shucks!  I did play around with some coloring on this one.  I was trying to kick it up a notch.
For this shot of the kid on the bike, I had my apperture at 2.8 because I needed all the light my camera could take in at such a late time of day.  I saw him coming around the path and took this shot.  Obviously, I desaturated the colors to create this grainy black and white image.  But, the motion blur that you see is authentic as shot.  I was quite pleased and excited.  I love how you get a real sense of speed thanks to my slower shutter speed. 

Then, it had really gotten dark and I knew I needed to leave the park.  I spotted this magnolia at about 9 feet above the ground.  Luckily, I had my 105mm lens on my camera.  I tried to capture the flower without flash but there was not enough light.  So, I had to use my accessory flash to get a clear shot.  It rained earlier so I got some bonus water droplets on the flower petal.  I thought it turned out pretty. 

Also, I got to see my sister and brother-in-law tonight.  They were doing some fitness walking on the new walk path.  I was sitting on the sidewalk with my camera stuck to my face while focusing on the the scene of the bridge above.   When I realized they were coming around the bend, I yelled out to them, "I'm too sexy for the track!"  hehee...truth is, I better get my lazy self on the track Pron-TO!