Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Day 130 of 365, Five Foot Two

Our Photo Challenge Subject was "Something As Tall As You Are".   I was not getting any ideas and even thought about skipping this one.  When I mentioned it to Mom, she said to just find something you can see eye to eye.  We hung up the phone and I started cooking supper.  (By the way, Mama had called to talk about a review that she had read about her new camera.  She is anxiously waiting for her new Nikon just like mine.  I know she is gonna love it.)  Anyway, I was in the middle of cooking and realized I needed a few things from the grocery store.  I picked up my keys and shot out on that quick errand.  When I returned home, I saw the caution sign above and wondered about it's height.  I parked my car and walked down to the sign and Yep...we are the same height. It stands all of 5'2 just like me!  

I didn't have my camera at the time of the measure up.  Plus, I needed to hurry up and finish supper.  I got the meal almost prepared when I heard the rumblings.  Thunder was rolling in and the clouds started moving pretty fast.  I knew we were going to get a much needed rain shower.  So, I picked up the point and shoot and ran down the little street to try to take a picture for the challenge.

As I was taking the pic, I saw a couple of little guys wheelin' around. They were probably trying to hustle home before they got rained on.  I know they have to be soooo happy because this was the last day of school for them I think.  I remember that last day of school when I was a kid.  FREEDOM!  All I wanted to do was...everything that I wanted to do!  Do you know what I am talking about?  I wanted to jump on my bike and peddle like crazy, then go to the next fun thing I could think of and do that.  I remember that last day of school feeling alright.  So, enjoy the summer kids.  Be safe and play, play, play to your hearts content!