Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cinco De Mayo, Olé~!!!

Terry and I met with family for a Cinco De Mayo night out at El Rancho Restaurant.  Julie called me yesterday and we yapped it up for, oh, probably a couple hours!  Julie is my sister in law, married to Terry's brother, Nelson.  "We need to get together...."  is what we mention to each other and then time goes by and just never do.  :(  We enjoy visiting, laughing and talking and in the moment, we invariably say, "There is NO reason we don't get together for girl's day out."  I know yall can relate, huh?  Anyway, I was happy to hear from her when she called.   She mentioned that she and Nelson planned to go out to dinner at a local mexican restaurant, she asked if we would like to hop along.  Well, let me seeeeeee... OK! She didn't have to twist my arm too tight.  I called Terry and he was up for it as well.  Julie said that Ronnie and Tracie were going to come too.  Tracie is Terry's sister.  Plus, Julie's mom and daughter would be there along with another couple of friends.  So, I knew we were going to enjoy the evening of food and festive atmosphere.

Terry rushed straight home from work and showered and changed.  He called me when he arrived at the restaurant to see how much longer I would be.  He knew I was not far away doing the photoshoot with the gang.  (posted below)  I was right on his heels.  When we walked in, our irises had to adjust from coming out of the bright light and into the dimly lit restaurant.  My ears got an adjusment too.  We opened the door and..."la,la,la, La Bamba" sang the Mariachi Singers.  I thought I was walking into Mexico City as one of the music men was teaching a little girl some salsa moves. She was so cute.  Man, I wish I would have worn my flamenco skirt, shoes and scarf!  If so, I could have been a glamourous flamenco dancer in the spotlight!  Well, if not on stage, then in my own imagination. I really don't have flamenco dance attire nor do I know how.  But, I love that music and it sends me to that wonderful fantastic and romantic place in my spirit.  In my imagination, my neck was lengthned as my nose and chin are fashioned in that high and haughty posture of the flamenco dancer. I have my hands over my head, clapping out a syncopated rhythm to correspond with my dynamic foot stomps and heel taps.  Oh, and I must mention how I looooove swishing my bright flamenco skirt that creates sweeping and flambouyant circles around me most expressively in great fanfare. 

Ah, when we walked in, the sound and pulse of the music took me to Barcelona or some other exotic place.  I wonder if Terry thought he was the suave, sophistocated and courageous Matador of every spanish girl's dreams?   hmmmm... (big sigh goes here)
This is a self portrait from a while back.  I called myself Senora M.  She is my alter ego.

A Mother's Day gift from the kids :)

Below is the beautiful Allison, Ben, Adam and Calli.  Allison called last week to schedule a photo shoot for their mom for Mother's Day.  This was a wham bam project pulled together after school and work for Allison, Ben and Adam.  Calli had to leave from the photo shoot in order to go to work.  Remember, today was Cinco De Mayo.  I was due to meet with Terry and a big group at El Rancho's for dinner.  Even though we did have a short time together, I love the images that we created.

Brother and Sister, Allison and Ben are pictured above. 
Their Step brother and Step sister are Adam and Calli pictured below.   
Don't ya think Mom is going to flip? I'm pretty sure she will!