Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Bride and Her Photog in Action at Louisiana's Old State Capital Building

When Brandilyn and I visited the Old State Capital Buildings in Baton Rouge, I noticed a female portrait photographer and her subject on the steps leading to the front  entryway.  As we entered the building, we walked around to the spiral stairway.  There, we caught a glimpse of a beautiful bridal session in progress.  After ambling around downstairs, Brandi and I  made our way up the spiral staircase to the second floor.  Again, we happened upon the photographer capturing his bridal portraits.  This time they were in the ballroom.  I asked him if I could take their picture.  He kinda laughed and said that he prefers to be "behind" the camera.  Hey, I hear that!  I think that behind the lens might be my secret motive to become a photographer.  :)    I posted  a few snapshots of the shoot.   I asked him for contact information so that I could email the files to him.  He quickly gave me a business card.   I would have loved to find out more about who he is & talk all day about photography.  But,I couldn't hold him up, he had work to do. 

Well, this morning, I remembered that I had placed  his card in the side pocket of my purse.  I decided that I needed to honor my promise and send him the pics.   When I went to his site, I was blown away.  He really has done an amazing job with his web page.  More importantly, his photography is incredible and inspiring.  I enjoyed cruising around his site and gobbling up all his tips.  I noticed that he is offering a Mentorship Workshop in the Baton Rouge area.  The next one available is in November.  I would love to participate in that workshop.  Since, my birthday is November 3rd, maybe I can call it my b-day present to myself!  If you would like to check out his work go to http://www.markeric.net/.  He is based in the area of Alexandria, LA.