Monday, December 13, 2010

Slaton Christmas Get Together 2010

I created a YouTube slideshow of our family Christmas Get Together. Chris and Aunt Marguerite hosted the party. Thank you both for opening your home for us. Everyone had such a great time. We had plenty of food and ate till we popped. That's the tradition. Another tradition for our family is to circle around, hand in hand to express our prayerful thanks to One who made us & acknowledge the Reason for the Season. This is a moment to treasure.

There is so much love shared in the bond of the family circle. It is a beautiful thing. I enjoyed looking around face to face. As I do, I remember snapshots in my mind's eye of my childhood. I remember that once upon a time, we would gather at our MawMaw Lena's tiny little home. We were elbow to elbow or shoulder to shoulder. But, with our most gracious, loving and gentle MawMaw Lena, there was always room at the Inn. She loved for us to gather at her house. Back in those precious days gone by, her little house rocked with love and laughter. As it did last night. Over the years, our families have not continued to visit regularly like we used to. Yet, we know that there is unconditional, undeniable and unbreakable unity when we show love for one another. Family, a wonderful place to be.