Friday, June 18, 2010

Introducing Melissa, my 2nd shooter for this weekend...

Photo by Melissa Roe
I want to introduce you to Melissa Roe.  She is married to my first cousin, Roy and they have one daughter.  Their daughter is the beautiful and talented Cameron!  Melissa, a.k.a Hula, is going to be my 2nd shooter at Kristin and Michael's wedding tomorrow.  We talked about how I got started in wedding photography.  My first experience was through a mentorship with a Baton Rouge photographer.  I offered him my files in exchange for his mentorship.  Melissa saw some of my photography and asked if she could hop along and 'shadow' me on a photo shoot.  Ring, ading,ding!  The bells went off in my head.  I love Melissa and I know that she has an amazing sense of style, sophistocation and grace.  I asked her if she wanted to come and help me out with my next wedding.  She responded with something like a "Heck Yeah!".  I am so glad and excited to have her by my side tomorrow.  She has a photog friend that together, they photographed a wedding already.  All experience and practice is good!  I know we will have fun and capture some amazing images together. 

I told Melissa that I was going to introduce her through my blog.  I asked her to send some of her images.  A few of these were taken by her friend Julie (the one's with Melissa in them of course and a couple more).   I am anxious to meet Julie next weekend as we have scheduled a tentative pow-wow, round table discussion regarding the joys and challenges of wedding photography.  I had mentioned to Melissa that I would like to start at network of local wedding photogs.  It would be great to know people in the industry and have a forum for growth and sharing.  I follow some amazing photographers from the Seattle area who enjoy special meet ups with fellow photographers on a regular basis.  So, I'm thinking about trying to get something together.  Looks like next weekend might be the inaugural meet up.  When you step out and try something new, you never know where it leads....TBD...

I created this slideshow from the files that Melissa sent.  I hope she approves.  Love ya Hula!

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