Sunday, August 29, 2010


This week's theme is PHOTOJOURNALISM. I thought that my images below told a fun birthday story.

We threw a Surprise 50th Birthday Celebration for my wonderful sister-in-law, Tracie!  Bridget is a long time best friend of Tracie's.  Bridget called me and told me she wanted to host the party.  I was very excited to be involved.   Friends, Family and Tracie's Pokeno ladies decided to pool some money and purchase a gift certificate for a bed and breakfast.  We chose Nottoway Plantation in White Castle, LA.  It is one of the grandest mansions in the area. I hope that Tracie and Ronnie enjoy their visit to the plantation b&b. 

Tracie's friend, Donna, has invited Tracie to her RED HAT LADY Society. We themed her party with RED HATS. I am glad that we did because it was so fun to party and play with the feather boas and silly hats.
Tracie had to get her "cheaters" so that she could read her cards.  But, she needed a little bit more spot light.  I love this image.
 Line dancing gets the Party Started.

Ice, Ice Baby! 

Check out her party images on this little slideshow that I created.

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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Hey, Girls (& guys) let's make a trip down to Houma to see Tab Benoit! seriously yall...!

Reminder: TURN OFF PLAYLIST MUSIC before pressing play on you tube video below.

Tab Benoit will be playing music at the 2010 Voice of the Wetlands Festival on

October 8/ 9/ 10 - Houma LA


Check out Tab Benoit

Monday, August 23, 2010

Representing America

Representing the Melting Pot that is America

Daily Photo Challenge
Subject: Represents your Country
August 23, 2010

America is my home and I remember as far back as elementary school, my teachers would say that America is a Melting Pot of Nationalities.

When I think in terms of symbolism, the deep red liquid candle wax reminds me of the the sacrifices of our 'red blooded' America's forefathers and brave Service Men and Women who paved the way to freedom. In addition, the hot liquid reminds me that people continue to risk it all to become an American. With all the chaos going on in the world, I must remember to appreciate who I am and where I live. I do hope that we as Americans can come together as right living, working class citizens to bring common sense back! And, once again become that beacon on the hill. "As Ronald Reagan emphasized, America is a shining city upon a hill whose beacon light guides freedom-loving people everywhere."

Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Eyes Have it!

I have always loved the enigmatic, ethereal look of a face framed by a headwrap or scarf.  I think Rachel looks especially beautiful in this picture.  Oh, if I could turn back time. I wish I would have had the ability to capture portraits like this of my two daughters as they were growing up.  

Although Rachel is a very young girl, I think women of all ages look beautiful when captured in this simple, yet sophistocated way.   I am very proud of this portrait.  I want to do more, more, more like this. 

Rachel's True Colors...Beautiful Like a Rainbow!

Check out Rachel's photo session.  Remember to first PAUSE PLAYLIST MUSIC before pressing play!   She was such a great model.  It was super hot and I was sweating to death.  But, when I came home and saw these beauties of Rachel that I captured today, it made all the hard work worthwhile.  I loved every one of her images.  All the images you will see in the slideshow are as shot straight out of the camera.   I brought an arsenal of lenses but never used any other than my Nikon 35mm 1.8.  I love that versatile lens.  If you are a Nikon shooter, go get one.  Hands down, it is the best couple hundred bucks you will spend.
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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Laundromat visit on this Rainy day...

So, this was today's rainy weather view from inside the laundromat.   Do you see my camera lens peaking out? 
I decided to bring our two supremely spoiled pooch's doggy beds in  for a good washing. 

As I waited, I pulled out my point and shoot, Panasonic Lumix.  I love this handy purse sized camera. It takes perfectly great pics I believe.  Originally, I purchased the little camera per Terry's request.  He wanted one to fit in his pocket.  It finds a permanent home in my bag now.  Sorry, Big Daddy.  I have a camera fetish.  What can I say?  For some girls, it's shoes.  For me, it's cameras!  And, I want to pack all of my cameras around with me at all times.  I need options!  Speaking of options, now, I really want a great waterproof camera.  How cool is a waterproof camera?!!  COOLer than cool and I think I must have one.   It is on the LIST. 

Anway, as I wait, I notice that this place is so clean and well maintained.  They have a very friendly and helpful attendant on site full time.  I feel very safe and comfortable here.  I sat and read my book and watched the sudsy progress through the window.  To be honest, I quite enjoyed myself.

Today's photo challenge was a simple one word challenge:  BAGS.  I looked down and my straw bag was at my feet.  My old good buddy, Natalie gave me this a while back.  Natalie and I had reconnected after  many years.  I love that girl.  In 1983, we became inseparable best friends from the moment we met.  She came to work in the membership and billing department where I worked.  Oh, we thought it was fate that brought us togethe to be bosom buddies for life.  We realized that we are one day apart in age and born in the same hospital.  We became fast friends.  I thought she was hilarious and the most fun person to hang out with in the whole world.  She appreciated my fashion sense and I immediately became her stylist.  I was so proud of her because she went from country girl to 80's fabulous!  You better believe, we pranced around in our pointy toed pumps EVERYDAY and thought we were 'IT'.  
Our's and Cyndi Lauper's motto was "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!"
Flash forward 25 years...bunyon pain....need I say more? ouch...No more prancing!
So much for the flashback to the 80's and back to the present day laundromat scene.  I loved the dynamic blue/white flooring.  I took the picture above and posted  for my challenge 'BAGS' pic.  I had to laugh last night at Nelson, my goofy bro-in-law. He told me it looked like a flower pot.  hehee.  He has a point. :)   I love this straw bag.  Not only can it carry my point and shoot, it can easily tote my Nikon d90 as well.  If I wanted, I could throw in my d5000, and maybe a couple lenses, include a couple accessory flashes.  And don't let me turn around to grab my first dslr which was a Sony A200 with my 3 favorite Sony mount lenses.  After all,  I can't leave out the Fuji S800 which was my first slr type camera that I absolutely loved  .... (all part my desire to carry my entire camera accumulation referred to above).    I forgot to mention the tripod and reflectors that stay in my vehicle.  Am I nuts?  I keep telling myself simplicity is best.  But, I don't listen.

Finally, the tuffet for the doggy princesses was dry a poofy once again & I am  going home.  uhhhh...well, not quite yet....  I WAS going home but ended up talking with Tracie and she told me to come meet up with Sherrie, Mrs. Frances and Julie at the Whistle Stop.  I took the detour toward the coffee shop.  I want to visit with Sherrie as much as possible while she is in town.  We visited and laughed and talked about...'You Name It'...everything!  I have a big idea that I discussed with the girls.  It is still in he 'I'm thinking it over' stage right now.  I can't unleash it just yet. But hopefully it will come together soon....TBD!

When I first walked in, Mrs. Frances was ordering her sandwich and coffee.  I whipped out my big camera...Pow...shutter snap and the FLASH lit up the room !  Mrs. Frances turned around surprised and I heard the lady behind her say, "Am I going to be in the newspaper?"  We all laughed.  Maybe I should have warned them, "MamaRazi is in the Hizay!".
"Hey yall, Strike a Glamour Chicks in the Rain pose!" 
Divalicious Coffee House Chic  :)  !!! 
Thanks girls.  Let's do it again soon.

Caleb and Sherrie came home to celebrate our nephew's 6th Birthday!

Our Caleb and his mama, Sherrie, (Terry's baby sis) came home to celebrate Caleb's birthday this year!  We were all so excited to see them.  They live about 12 hours away and we miss them dearly.  When the family found out that we get to celebrate Caleb's big 6th birthday, we were very happy.  The plan was to go to Pappi's Fajita Factory in Denham Springs.  We got a gigantor table for 18!  Of course, we enjoyed the great food and loud, raucous birthday fun.   Caleb opened his gifts and gave big squeezy hugs all around to thank everyone for coming to his party. 
Happy, Happy Birthday Caleb!

favorite line from the clip "...isolate and crush the secular, socialist left..."

I agree with this man.  Do you?

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Bride and Her Photog in Action at Louisiana's Old State Capital Building

When Brandilyn and I visited the Old State Capital Buildings in Baton Rouge, I noticed a female portrait photographer and her subject on the steps leading to the front  entryway.  As we entered the building, we walked around to the spiral stairway.  There, we caught a glimpse of a beautiful bridal session in progress.  After ambling around downstairs, Brandi and I  made our way up the spiral staircase to the second floor.  Again, we happened upon the photographer capturing his bridal portraits.  This time they were in the ballroom.  I asked him if I could take their picture.  He kinda laughed and said that he prefers to be "behind" the camera.  Hey, I hear that!  I think that behind the lens might be my secret motive to become a photographer.  :)    I posted  a few snapshots of the shoot.   I asked him for contact information so that I could email the files to him.  He quickly gave me a business card.   I would have loved to find out more about who he is & talk all day about photography.  But,I couldn't hold him up, he had work to do. 

Well, this morning, I remembered that I had placed  his card in the side pocket of my purse.  I decided that I needed to honor my promise and send him the pics.   When I went to his site, I was blown away.  He really has done an amazing job with his web page.  More importantly, his photography is incredible and inspiring.  I enjoyed cruising around his site and gobbling up all his tips.  I noticed that he is offering a Mentorship Workshop in the Baton Rouge area.  The next one available is in November.  I would love to participate in that workshop.  Since, my birthday is November 3rd, maybe I can call it my b-day present to myself!  If you would like to check out his work go to  He is based in the area of Alexandria, LA.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Hands, Helping Hands...

Hands, Helping hands...

I don't know about you but old fashioned "barn raising" scenes in movies really move me. When I see people come together in a spirit of community & compassion, it really makes me believe...I believe in brotherhood. I believe together, we can move that mountain. So, this photo of my dad, uncle and brother's hands together helping with a family workday & house painting for my aging grandfather reminds me of an old song called He Ain't Heavy, He's my Brother.  

PawPaw celebrated his 87th birthday earlier this year.  Although, he continues to live as independently as possible, the family joined forces and painted his house.  I think I can speak for the rest of the family and say, "He Ain't Heavy, He's Our PawPaw".
He Ain't Heavy, He's my Brother

song by The Hollies

(B. Scott and B. Russell)

The road is long

With many a winding turn

That leads us to who knows where

Who knows when

But I'm strong

Strong enough to carry him

He ain't heavy, he's my brother

So on we go

His welfare is of my concern

No burden is he to bear

We'll get there

For I know

He would not encumber me

He ain't heavy, he's my brother

If I'm laden at all

I'm laden with sadness

That everyone's heart

Isn't filled with the gladness

Of love for one another

It's a long, long road

From which there is no return

While we're on the way to there

Why not share

And the load

Doesn't weigh me down at all

He ain't heavy, he's my brother

He's my brother

He ain't heavy, he's my brother...