Friday, May 21, 2010

Kids at North Park

Kids at North Park, originally uploaded by michelle*sibley.
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I met these kids at the park today. One of the kids stood up and said, "Take my picture!" So, I did and then she laughed. I had been walking around the park looking for stuff to photograph. Dang, it is hot already. These Louisiana summers are killer. I went and sat with the kids under the pavillion and chatted for a bit. I asked them if they wanted to be on my blog and they said, "YEAH!" They were fun. So, here is their debut...

Day 132 of 365, Self Defense Tip for up to 25 feet!

Yesterday, Mom and I went to the State Capital Area of Downtown Baton Rouge. We didn't leave home until after 5pm. So, we knew we would be there well after dark. As we were driving, Mama questioned our safety. She was feeling vulnerable because we were going to be two women alone. I reached into my bag and came out with the Real Kill. That is a Wasp and Hornet Spray that I picked up at Walmart for 3 or 4 bucks.  It was the cheapest one probably.  I figure all brands work the same. 

Here is the tip:  A while back, I heard that Wasp & Hornet Killer is a great self defense tool. Some people keep it close to their backdoor in case they ever get a dangerous caller. It blasts a powerful stream of poison 25 feet. I know that if you bombed someone directly into the eyes and nose with this, it would surely knock them for a loop.

Trust me, I had my "Real Kill" in my shoulder bag. I sure hoped I would not have to use it. Feel free to share this tip with your friends and family. I think it is a good one to remember for self-defense. Don't get Paranoid, but, Be Alert and Stay Safe!

Baton Rouge Capital Area

Baton Rouge Capital Area, originally uploaded by michelle*sibley.
90 sec clip (with sound file, pause playlist) of photos that I had taken on the evening of May 20, 2010. The lady photographer that you see in the slideshow is my mom with her new camera. It arrived this day so she and I went to the State Captial area for practice.

Most of the images are different views of the state capital grounds as the light changed from day to night. We had a great time and enjoyed the adventure.