Thursday, May 27, 2010

Draw a Straight Line...

Draw a Straight Line..., originally uploaded by michelle*sibley.
Uploaded for Daily Photo Challenge, Subject: Straight, May 27, 2010

I thought of doing this from the moment I heard that today's challenge subject was "Straight". I never got around to setting this up until after 10 pm because I didn't know where a ruler was. Just before turning the lights out to go to bed, (actually to go watch a re-run of Andy Roddick's match today at the French Open) I saw a yard stick standing beside the wall and the refrigerator. Ah Hah! There it is! So, I went ahead and grabbed the straight edge to capture this picture. Hey, better late than never. Don't cha think?

Day 138 of 365, Cool Can Am & Starbucks

Today's Photo Challenge Subject was "Straight".  While me, Terry and Karmyn were out and about, we stopped at Starbucks.  I saw these mugs on the shelf and decided to get a quick pic.  The handles are all straight in a row right?  Actually, I straightened them just a little.  The Starbucks baristas were most likely wondering why I was straightening their shelf.  :) 
My daughter will not let me take her pic for anything.  I have to be a photo sniper.  Then when she sees that she is the target....she is outa Dodge!
Oh, well...her legs look good.

How about this?  We stopped at Big Mike's to grab a bite of lunch.  We parked next to this 3 wheeled motorcycle as seen above.  I saw the name Can Am on the side.  I'm diggin' this!  Back, when the gas prices sky rocketed for the first time, I purchase a couple of hwy legal scooters.  I never put them on the highway though because I felt that they would be way too dangerous.  The scooters are more suited for city streets and not the rural highways of my hometown.  But, this 3 wheeler peaked my interest today.

When we walked into Big Mike's there were 3 guys already seated in the booth in front of ours.  One of the guys was bald with a goatee and tatoos.  With him was a guy with dreadlocks in a ponytail.  The third guy looked more like a golfer type compared to them.  At any rate, I figured one of those guys were driving the Can Am because the rest of the people in the restaurant were women.  Then, a huge table of ladies got up to leave.  They marched out in a single file of middle aged ladies with their shoulder bags...except one.  Terry said,  "There's the Can Am driver right there...the one with the yellow and black lightning bolt helmet."  I had to get a picture.