Sunday, June 27, 2010

Images from Last Night's Dance Recital

My daughters, both, attended Jean Leigh Academy of Dance when they were younger.  I also took an adult tap class.  I can not tell you what kind of love and passion I have had for dance ALL of my life.  I remember when I was a tiny girl, I would get up on my tippy toes and prance around with my arms over my head.  In my imagination, I was a graceful ballerina.  I do not think there were any formal dance studios close to my home when I was little.  Also, very vivid in my memory, I picture myself as a junior high girl with an infatuation for ballet.  I used to study the images of ballet poses in books and try to emulate the posture and strength of the ballerina I admired so.  But, still no formal training available.   (..I was a good bowler though ... well, that is another story for another day....)  I have loved music and dancing as long as I can remember.  My mom says that I would always make the family late to leave home.  She said she knew I was not getting ready quickly enough because all she could hear outside my bedroom door was finger snaps!   :)  I was in there dancing and not getting dressed as I was supposed to. 

So, when I had two daughters, you know I was going to offer them the opportunity to join a dance class.  Fortunately, former LSU Golden Girl and Dance Teacher Extraordinair, Diana Jones opened a dance studio in my hometown.  I signed the girls up for ballet, tap and jazz.  They enjoyed dance.  Kayla danced there for 10 years.   Whereas, Karmyn danced until she became very involved in sports.  Throughout the years, I always looked forward to the first class dance recital that Diana put together.  It was a bit of hometown Broadway for me!  Her studio has been acknowledged as a nationally award winning Dance Company.

This year, I decided I wanted to try to take some pictures of the amazing talent showcased in Jean Leigh's dance recital.  Here are a quick few that I grabbed for this short smilebox: 
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Photo Tip for Inspiration,

Yesterday, I blogged about a meeting that I had with a couple photog friends, Melissa and Julie.  They wanted a few pointers and tips so here is one of my favorite tips.  I enjoy looking at Brides magazines and can pour over the images for hours.  There is a wealth of inspiration just in studying the lighting, angle, perspective and poses that made an image successful enough to get published in a national magazine.  As my bridal shoot with Kristin began, Norma (bride's mom) asked me how she could be helpful.  Oh, goodie I thought...there is something that I would looove for Norma to do for me.  Hold that thought...,

Before Kristin and Norma arrived, I was glancing through a couple of my bridal magazines that I found in my car.  As I noticed what I considered winning shots, I dogeared the pages throughout and stashed the magazines in my shoot sack.  Then, my bride and mom showed up and I found a glorious place for her to stand.  The backdrop was an historic plantation homesite.  My own sweet mama came along in order to assist & hold the bounce reflector for me. So, Norma asked, "How can I help?"  Here is the point where I got the idea to take Norma up on her generous offer to help.  I referred to the dogeared magazine in my shoot sack and asked her to tear out those pages.  She questioned me, "Just tear them out?"  :)  yep!,..."Just tear them out...!"  And, she did.  After we had been on location for over an hour, I turned to Norma and asked her to grab those tear sheets for me.  I showed Kristin a few of the images that I had found inspiring earlier.   I asked her if she would like to try to replicate the pose?  Sure, she said!  Seeing an example made it easy for her to understand the sort of creative expression that I was going for.  I found a wonderful backdrop and together, Kristin and I came up with a winning interpretation of the magazine image with our own twist.

I hope this photo tip helps. When you need a shot of inspiration, use a tear sheet.  My mom captured these images of me at work on a bridal photo shoot and doing what I love.  Looks like Norma is taking a break from tearing sheets to glance up and get a sneaky peak of how gorgeous her daughter is 'all in white'!  Priceless! 

                                    *Both Photos in this post taken by:  Betty Slaton