Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Hand Crafted & Custom Designed...GRANNY BEADS!

 Last month, I went with mom to her bead supplier.  What kind of image does, 'kid in a candy store' conjure up?  Well, just imagine'Tootie in a jewelry store'!  Oh, yeah!  Anybody that knows me, can tell you that I am like a fish.  Anything SHINY lures me - hook, line & sinker!  I am rather proud of myself.  I did refrain from buying out the whole store.  What I decided on was some very unique beads.  They are actually taken from a granite quarry.  This granite is very expensive and the Japanese are buying up huge slabs of the stuff for countertops.  I could not resist these beads.  The overall color looks to be an olive green.  Yet, when you look close, you can see colors of purple and gold in the veining.  I think they are gorgeous up close and personal.  In the first and second picture posted here, I attempted to show their beauty.  I think they look pretty here but a photo can not describe the luxurious, weighty quality of the beads.  These two photos were taken at Mom's jewelry work bench as she was trying to configure a pattern for a custom necklace design.   Mom did finish my necklace that she had begun here.  Not only did I get one necklace from these unique beads, I got 2 necklaces, 2 braclets & 3 pair of earrings!  I love them. I am in an old black hoodie sweatshirt, yoga pants, tennis shoes and sit here at the computer with my new shiny jewerly dripping off me.   Yep, that's me... bedecked and bedazzled to the 'NINES' in my new jewelry as I type this blog post. 
Cuz that's how I roll, y'all!

Here is the rose colored swarovski pearl necklace & bracelet strands, plus earrings that Mom created for herself.  Previously, she had only created her pearl strands with genuine cultured pearls.  Then, she discovered the Swarovski Pearls.  They are excellent, excellent quality Swarovski created colored pearls with a Lifetime Guarantee.  With the Swarovski name behind them, the quality is unquestionable.  It is worth the extra expense for heirloom quality pieces.   

Contact Betty Slaton For Pricing Information. 
You will be surprised at Mom's prices.  I tell her she is giving her beautiful hand crafted jewelry away. 
She told me that she likes to do it and is happy with her pricing structure.  
 Every piece she creates is meticulously and carefully constructed. 
You will have something that will last if you are lucky enough to own her