Monday, February 22, 2010

Real Simple

I like the title of this magazine. The older I get, the more I appreciate the simpler things in life. I appreciate having a steaming hot cup of coffee to sip at the start my day. I appreciate the luxury of being able to write my morning pages with my little Mia on my lap. I appreciate having my parents and Terry's parents to call and talk to when I want. I appreciate my daughters, who are becoming so independent. I appreciate my husband's patience and pride in me. He allows me to follow my dreams, always. I appreciate having the finest sisters and brothers-in-love that I could ever ask for. And, I do love each and every one of them dearly. I appreciate having the best nieces and nephews too. I could squeeze and hug each one of them. They are precious to me. I appreciate having a cozy home to live in. I appreciate Terry's willingness to work hard for our family. He has always been a great husband and father. I appreciate the friends that I have made throughout my life. I appreciate my aunts & uncles. I appreciate growing up visiting and playing with my cousins almost everyday. We have always had a very close knit southern family. I appreciate my childhood. I appreciate my baby brother who grew up to tower over me physically. But, he will always be my baby brother. I appreciate my education. I appreciate my music. I appreciate my love of the arts. I appreciate my memories. I appreciate my loved ones that have passed on. I appreciate that my grandparents loved me like crazy and let me know it. I appreciate that I still have one living grandpa. I appreciate the way I was brought up. I appreciate that my parents made sure that I knew I was loved. I appreciate that my parents always believed in me. I appreciate that I have been able to allow my girls to follow their passions. I appreciate that I have been able to raise my children. I appreciate that Terry and I are quasi-empty nesters, ready to do our own thing and follow our own interests. I appreciate that one day, we might be grandparents. I appreciate my life. I appreciate my Real Simple life.

Day 45 of 365, Catch of the Day

Day 45 of 365, While visiting at my mom's, my Uncle George came over to deliver something to her and to show her his catch of the day. George goes to the fishing camp at Lake Verrett every chance he gets. Today, he caught a 25 lb. catfish. Yes, that is a 25 lb catfish! He caught this monster on an Ultra Light Ugly Stick using night crawlers for bait. He has caught about 10-15 catfish that weigh at least 15 pounds and up. Wait till you hear this...the biggest catfish he ever landed weighed in at an astromical 49 pounds. I got a picture of it somewhere. I remember that its length was up to his shoulders when he held it up.

George and his wife, Judy love to fish. Some years ago, Judy was into photography, big time! She has taken some amazing pictures of birds. My mom has a gorgeous photo of an eagle that she made. She captured a beautiful moment of my PawPaw in his boat on the lake. The picture of my PawPaw is a treasure to our family, to be sure. My PawPaw has spent his life on the lake. He and my MawMaw loved to spend time at their fishing camp together when she was alive. I used to enjoy fishing with MawMaw & PawPaw. We would stay on the lake all day. At night, when I laid my head on the pillow, the bed was rocking with the rhythm of the slapping waves. Then, when I closed my eyes, I saw my little red & white cork bobbing on top of the water. Can anybody relate?

As George was leaving, I told him that I wanted to go fishing with him one day. I want to bring my camera and catch some lake images. Perhaps, I will get to capture him landing another one of those monstrosities! He told me I could come fishing as long as I bait my own hook. I certainly will. But, I will bring my gloves. :)