Monday, February 22, 2010

Real Simple

I like the title of this magazine. The older I get, the more I appreciate the simpler things in life. I appreciate having a steaming hot cup of coffee to sip at the start my day. I appreciate the luxury of being able to write my morning pages with my little Mia on my lap. I appreciate having my parents and Terry's parents to call and talk to when I want. I appreciate my daughters, who are becoming so independent. I appreciate my husband's patience and pride in me. He allows me to follow my dreams, always. I appreciate having the finest sisters and brothers-in-love that I could ever ask for. And, I do love each and every one of them dearly. I appreciate having the best nieces and nephews too. I could squeeze and hug each one of them. They are precious to me. I appreciate having a cozy home to live in. I appreciate Terry's willingness to work hard for our family. He has always been a great husband and father. I appreciate the friends that I have made throughout my life. I appreciate my aunts & uncles. I appreciate growing up visiting and playing with my cousins almost everyday. We have always had a very close knit southern family. I appreciate my childhood. I appreciate my baby brother who grew up to tower over me physically. But, he will always be my baby brother. I appreciate my education. I appreciate my music. I appreciate my love of the arts. I appreciate my memories. I appreciate my loved ones that have passed on. I appreciate that my grandparents loved me like crazy and let me know it. I appreciate that I still have one living grandpa. I appreciate the way I was brought up. I appreciate that my parents made sure that I knew I was loved. I appreciate that my parents always believed in me. I appreciate that I have been able to allow my girls to follow their passions. I appreciate that I have been able to raise my children. I appreciate that Terry and I are quasi-empty nesters, ready to do our own thing and follow our own interests. I appreciate that one day, we might be grandparents. I appreciate my life. I appreciate my Real Simple life.

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