Saturday, April 3, 2010

Day 84 of 365, Lauryn & Xaviar!

Day 84 of 365, My Aunt Barbara had her family visiting out in the backyard, so I walked over.  Of course, my camera is attached to my hand.  I got some quick shots of Lauryn and Xaviar running around the backyard.  Then, Xav got his camera to try to take some pics of Lauryn while I took pics of them both.  They are such great kiddos.  Lauryn is a rounder!  I tell you, she does not meet a stranger and I do not think there is an ounce of fear or shyness in her.   We played green light, red light.  Then, later I asked her if she could jump.  Yep, she sure can!  Look how high she clears the ground!!!  :)