Sunday, January 17, 2010

"The Magnolia"

Uploaded for Daily Photo ChallengeSubject: Lamps, Jan 18, 2010
I have several stained glass lamps & this one is my favorite. I bought this one night as an insomniac! The lady on HSN said that this Tiffany inspired lamp was called 'The Magnolia'. So, I bought it....'hook, line & sinker'! That was all this southern 'steel magnolia' needed to hear. The base actually represents the tree trunk. This whole thing weighs as much as a tree trunk! Heavy ain't even the word!!!


Last night I was up late, so I got a preview of what today's daily photo challenge was. The subject happened to be Rocks. hmmm... I wondered, I thought, "what could I do?" I didn't think I had a special rock to show off. Then, it hit me. I do have a special ROCK! The ROCK of my foundation.

Day 9 of 365, Prayer Request for Daddy

Good Sunday Morning. Today, I am going to dedicate this post to my Dad a.k.a. PawPaw Jerry. First off, we do not know if there is really anything to be overly worried about but there is a concern. His doctor has been watching a spot on his kidney and after a scan, they realized that there is a lesion now. He will go for further testing. Please pray for my daddy. He is a man of great faith and we know where hope is found...OUR LORD JESUS. We are a family of believers so we also know that regardless of what the test results are, all is in God's hands. My mom is concerned of course, so pray for her too, please.

A quick prayer for my dad would be much appreciated. Also, if you have a prayer request, please leave me a note in the comments section. If you do not want to spell it out publicly or even if you do not know how to express it in words, simply write "Silent Request" as a comment and God will be hear your heart's prayer at this very moment. Remember our faith is lifted up when we pray. Let me lift you up today. Faith can move that mountain! Love, Michelle