Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Day 73 of 365, Karmyn and her Daddy

Day 73 of 365, Our baby daughter is just about to finish beauty school.  She absolutely loves being a hairstylist.  Her daddy and I are very happy that she has found a career choice that makes her happy.  She is our athletic daughter who had multiple offers of scholarship to play softball at the college level.  She decided to decline those offers.  She went to college short term but chose to get her liscense in Cosmetology.   She has a super personality and is very gifted in working with people.  Her clients love her already.  I know that she is going to have a very successful career as a hairdresser.  We are very proud of her.

So, today, her daddy went to get MAN-icured! 
 He got the works!