Friday, May 7, 2010

My message of gratitude to my mentor, Me Ra Koh

If you have been following along with me since the beginning of my blog, you will know that I submitted a video and paricipated in a scholarship challenge that was presented by one of my favorite photographers.  I found Me Ra one day and began to follow her blog postings.  She has such a way of encouraging people to feel confident about their photography.  Because I trusted her, I took some steps that were outside of my comfort zone in the beginning.  Like I metioned, I participated by creating a 2 min video where I share my passion and desire to be a better photographer in hopes of earning the privledge to study under her and other amazing leaders in the photography biz.  I really had no expectation to win.  I can honestly admit that.  I was just sooo proud of myself for participating.  Well, anyway, I wanted to share with Me Ra my appreciation for her and the inspiration that she has provided me through her blog. 

If interested, you can read my message to her by scrolling down her blog post and find my name in the Comments Section here:

Day 118 of 365, TRIANGULAR Reminders of Childhood

Today's photo challenge was TRIANGULAR. This is my interpretation. After walking around my backyard, the only inspiration I had was, perhaps, a spider web. Don't they have some kind of triangular shapes spun into the web sometimes? Anyway, I saw one spider web but it looked pretty busted. Nah,...that wasn't doing it for me. Besides that, maybe I should leave the creepy crawlers in peace. If I don't bother them, hopefully, they won't bother me. I walked back inside and I began to think about and wish that I had some baby blocks. You know the shapes that fit into the corresponding shape like a Square peg doesn't go into a round hole...You get my drift. As I thought about children's games, it dawned on me like, "I coulda had a V8!" Chinese Checkers!!! Heck yeah, that ain't nothin' but triangles. Yeehaw. I knew we had this game stashed away. It used to be a favorite pastime for me and my cousin, Barbara Jean who I would spend weeks at a time with during summer break. We had so much fun growing up together as first cousins. Wouldn' trade one day or one memory! Ok, right now, I wish I had a Chinese Jump Rope. Me and Barbara used to love that too. Oh, yeah, and tether ball...oh, my goodness....tether ball for hours and hours...Oh, yeah, and lemon twist, ooooh, we could lemon twist across the front yard and back....Oh, and remember the pogo stick? Speaking of sticks, how about pick-up-sticks?.....!

Day ? of 365, I have missed so many days...gotta catch up!

I feel so bad that I have missed many days away from my blog.  I have been quite busy photographing lots of projects for other people.  I helped mom do a pretty large project.  It was fun but it took alot of preparation and blocks of time.  We have it accomplishd now and we were very happy with the results.  She has traditionally been the photograher for her home church directory.  This year, she asked me to give her a helping hand.  I was happy to do it for her.  She does so much for me.  Plus, I know and love the people in her congregation. We enjoyed setting up studio lights in one of the classrooms so that the families could swing through and get their portraits taken following morning worship.  The portraits are going into an updated directory of contact information for each family.  They loved their images and Mom and I were thrilled.  It was a pleasure to do this as a favor to Mom.  Every one of the family portraits turned out great.  This one makes me smile. Just look at the happy baby! 
What a joy!