Friday, May 7, 2010

My message of gratitude to my mentor, Me Ra Koh

If you have been following along with me since the beginning of my blog, you will know that I submitted a video and paricipated in a scholarship challenge that was presented by one of my favorite photographers.  I found Me Ra one day and began to follow her blog postings.  She has such a way of encouraging people to feel confident about their photography.  Because I trusted her, I took some steps that were outside of my comfort zone in the beginning.  Like I metioned, I participated by creating a 2 min video where I share my passion and desire to be a better photographer in hopes of earning the privledge to study under her and other amazing leaders in the photography biz.  I really had no expectation to win.  I can honestly admit that.  I was just sooo proud of myself for participating.  Well, anyway, I wanted to share with Me Ra my appreciation for her and the inspiration that she has provided me through her blog. 

If interested, you can read my message to her by scrolling down her blog post and find my name in the Comments Section here:

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