Friday, May 7, 2010

Day 118 of 365, TRIANGULAR Reminders of Childhood

Today's photo challenge was TRIANGULAR. This is my interpretation. After walking around my backyard, the only inspiration I had was, perhaps, a spider web. Don't they have some kind of triangular shapes spun into the web sometimes? Anyway, I saw one spider web but it looked pretty busted. Nah,...that wasn't doing it for me. Besides that, maybe I should leave the creepy crawlers in peace. If I don't bother them, hopefully, they won't bother me. I walked back inside and I began to think about and wish that I had some baby blocks. You know the shapes that fit into the corresponding shape like a Square peg doesn't go into a round hole...You get my drift. As I thought about children's games, it dawned on me like, "I coulda had a V8!" Chinese Checkers!!! Heck yeah, that ain't nothin' but triangles. Yeehaw. I knew we had this game stashed away. It used to be a favorite pastime for me and my cousin, Barbara Jean who I would spend weeks at a time with during summer break. We had so much fun growing up together as first cousins. Wouldn' trade one day or one memory! Ok, right now, I wish I had a Chinese Jump Rope. Me and Barbara used to love that too. Oh, yeah, and tether ball...oh, my goodness....tether ball for hours and hours...Oh, yeah, and lemon twist, ooooh, we could lemon twist across the front yard and back....Oh, and remember the pogo stick? Speaking of sticks, how about pick-up-sticks?.....!

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