Thursday, January 21, 2010

Day 13 of 365, Hip to be SQUARE!

Day 13 of 365, Self Portrait, Jan. 20, 2010Yes, I took this of myself! This is to pay homage to every aggravating and unflattering sneaky pics I have taken of my daughters. And then, they say, "STOP! You don't know how irritating you are, MOM! Enough with the camera, MOM!" lol!!!
Today's photo challenge subject was square. Yesterday, I spotted this Brownie Camera in an antique store in Denham Springs. I had a point & shoot with me so, I clicked off this pic. Of course, I had not realized when I took the picture that I would actually be able to use it for today's challenge. Not only is the actual camera a square shape (well, it might be rectangular) but, the images it produced were SQUARE! As, Huey Lewis & The News sings, "'s hip to be SQUARE"!
"...The big news was the Brownie camera.
Actually the Brownie wasn‘t new on the market. In fact, the Eastman-Kodak company had been selling Brownies since 1900. Many models were popular, but it wasn‘t until model 127 (in 1952) that your average person could afford one. ....."