Monday, May 10, 2010

E-Session with a Gorgeous Couple!

Saturday, I did an Engagement Photo Shoot with a wonderful couple.  Kristin, Michael and I had a blast together.  They were willing to try all my crazy ideas!  They trusted me and we came up with some fun, some romantic and all together amazing portraits of a very happy couple in love.  If you want to check out their images go to:  They are my featured gallery.  You will see a beautiful picture of the debonair Michael kissing his fair damsel's petite hand.  Directly under that image, you can view a slideshow that will automatically run.  Or, go down to the galleries and click to enter there.

Here are a few of the many gorgeous images  You can see the rest if you follow the link above. 

Originally, we had scheduled for last weekend which was a rain out.  Now, I am glad that we did because this day couldn't have been any nicer.   I heard from Kristin a few minutes ago and she said she LOVE's them too!  That makes me very happy.  We have the Bridal Shoot next.  I sure hope we get some gorgeous weather for that day as well.  Can't Wait!

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