Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Laundromat visit on this Rainy day...

So, this was today's rainy weather view from inside the laundromat.   Do you see my camera lens peaking out? 
I decided to bring our two supremely spoiled pooch's doggy beds in  for a good washing. 

As I waited, I pulled out my point and shoot, Panasonic Lumix.  I love this handy purse sized camera. It takes perfectly great pics I believe.  Originally, I purchased the little camera per Terry's request.  He wanted one to fit in his pocket.  It finds a permanent home in my bag now.  Sorry, Big Daddy.  I have a camera fetish.  What can I say?  For some girls, it's shoes.  For me, it's cameras!  And, I want to pack all of my cameras around with me at all times.  I need options!  Speaking of options, now, I really want a great waterproof camera.  How cool is a waterproof camera?!!  COOLer than cool and I think I must have one.   It is on the LIST. 

Anway, as I wait, I notice that this place is so clean and well maintained.  They have a very friendly and helpful attendant on site full time.  I feel very safe and comfortable here.  I sat and read my book and watched the sudsy progress through the window.  To be honest, I quite enjoyed myself.

Today's photo challenge was a simple one word challenge:  BAGS.  I looked down and my straw bag was at my feet.  My old good buddy, Natalie gave me this a while back.  Natalie and I had reconnected after  many years.  I love that girl.  In 1983, we became inseparable best friends from the moment we met.  She came to work in the membership and billing department where I worked.  Oh, we thought it was fate that brought us togethe to be bosom buddies for life.  We realized that we are one day apart in age and born in the same hospital.  We became fast friends.  I thought she was hilarious and the most fun person to hang out with in the whole world.  She appreciated my fashion sense and I immediately became her stylist.  I was so proud of her because she went from country girl to 80's fabulous!  You better believe, we pranced around in our pointy toed pumps EVERYDAY and thought we were 'IT'.  
Our's and Cyndi Lauper's motto was "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!"
Flash forward 25 years...bunyon pain....need I say more? ouch...No more prancing!
So much for the flashback to the 80's and back to the present day laundromat scene.  I loved the dynamic blue/white flooring.  I took the picture above and posted  for my challenge 'BAGS' pic.  I had to laugh last night at Nelson, my goofy bro-in-law. He told me it looked like a flower pot.  hehee.  He has a point. :)   I love this straw bag.  Not only can it carry my point and shoot, it can easily tote my Nikon d90 as well.  If I wanted, I could throw in my d5000, and maybe a couple lenses, include a couple accessory flashes.  And don't let me turn around to grab my first dslr which was a Sony A200 with my 3 favorite Sony mount lenses.  After all,  I can't leave out the Fuji S800 which was my first slr type camera that I absolutely loved  .... (all part my desire to carry my entire camera accumulation referred to above).    I forgot to mention the tripod and reflectors that stay in my vehicle.  Am I nuts?  I keep telling myself simplicity is best.  But, I don't listen.

Finally, the tuffet for the doggy princesses was dry a poofy once again & I am  going home.  uhhhh...well, not quite yet....  I WAS going home but ended up talking with Tracie and she told me to come meet up with Sherrie, Mrs. Frances and Julie at the Whistle Stop.  I took the detour toward the coffee shop.  I want to visit with Sherrie as much as possible while she is in town.  We visited and laughed and talked about...'You Name It'...everything!  I have a big idea that I discussed with the girls.  It is still in he 'I'm thinking it over' stage right now.  I can't unleash it just yet. But hopefully it will come together soon....TBD!

When I first walked in, Mrs. Frances was ordering her sandwich and coffee.  I whipped out my big camera...Pow...shutter snap and the FLASH lit up the room !  Mrs. Frances turned around surprised and I heard the lady behind her say, "Am I going to be in the newspaper?"  We all laughed.  Maybe I should have warned them, "MamaRazi is in the Hizay!".
"Hey yall, Strike a Glamour Chicks in the Rain pose!" 
Divalicious Coffee House Chic  :)  !!! 
Thanks girls.  Let's do it again soon.

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