Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Fireworks for New Years Eve

I am purchasing Black Cat Fireworks for our New Year's Eve get together at Barbara & Billy's house.  Terry and I are looking forward to rocking in the New Year 2011 at their home.  I think Barbara said that Billy is making a Jambalaya.  Yummm, his jambalaya will "make ya slap ya mama!"  :)    Knowing Barbara,  she will probably come up with her own special goodies to share.  I must admit, I do not really have a specialty.  Me?  I'll probably just bring something that comes in a bag or a jar.  I know, I know, not much to get excited about, right?   I must admit, I have never gotten real excited about cooking and cleaning.  Poor Terry!  Why the heck am I talking about cooking/cleaning?!...yucky, who cares?...not me!  So, back to the party ideas...Yeah! 

Barbara asked me to bring fireworks, chairs, and change for Card Games.   
I am pretty sure we will be playing Bourre'.  Bourre'?  Yeah, I looked up the spelling.  I have always spelled it Booray because that is how it sounds.  Before posting, I decided to google Booray card game.  Here is the Wikipedia definition. 
Wikipedia:  "Bourré (also commonly known as Bouré and Boo-Ray) is a trick-taking gambling card game primarily played in the Acadiana region of Louisiana in the United States of America. The game's closest relatives are probably Spades and Euchre; like many regional games, Bourré sports a large number of variant rules for both gameplay and betting considerations."

"...large number of variant rules?"  umm, Ya think?  I imagine that the cajuns probably made up the 'large number of variant rules' as the game went along with their hand of cards.  I imagine whoever was most persuasive made up the rules.  It is a fun, easy game that a whole table of people can play.  The more the merrier.  I will make sure to bring a pot of change.  Terry said we are gonna lose because we are not brushed up on our ...(ahem)...BOURRE'!  

ROCKET WORKS... actually, the rest of the sign reads...RED ROCKET FIREWORKS.   This is the fireworks stand I chose to stop at.  Every year, I assume that the church gets profits from the sale of the fireworks.  I asked the lady clerk and she said they were independent.    Shucks.  I was hoping to benefit the church. 

They had a good selection of big exploding rockets that make huge midnight display.  I could not decide which one to choose so I went cheap and bought 3 boxes of BLACK CAT that had just been reduced.  I will probably send Terry to pick out something that he would like.  He is all about fireworks.  Usually, I tell him it is a waste of money and discourage him from shelling out for something so temporary.   Although, my recollection takes me back to one year specifically.   I have to smile to myself when I think how Terry, my daddy and brother purchased some fireworks.  Like proud little boys, they called for  me, Mama and Tracy to come out to see their light show.  We, three made exagerated 'oooooohs' & 'ahhhhhhhhs'  in time to the exploding fireworks!   When the last one went up, we heard the boom then saw the huge sparkly trails sprinkle down and fizzle into the black midnight sky.  All went quiet.   It was over...wa, wa, wah...  In unison, the guys looked at each other as if to say, "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?"  Like bandits, they jumped back into the truck & stomped on the gas.  Us girls were left to watch the glowing streak of tailights as they sped out of the driveway & down the road.  We knew exactly what they were up to.  They were going to get more fireworks.  When they came back, they promised an even bigger boom this time!  hah...men are funny! 

Knowing that he has my blessing, I am sure Papa T. will gladly trot right up there and throw down some of his hard earned cash on something loud and explosive to contribute to the finale light show.  
So, Cheers Everybody!  Let's Ring in 2011 with
"oooooooohs & ahhhhhhhhhhs" ! ! ! 

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