Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Eve 2010 & Sibley Family Dinner slideshows

We had a very nice Christmas Eve at my brother and sister-in-law's home. She cooked a delicious gumbo. We enjoy very casual family get togethers. No fancy formal dining experiences for us. We live close together and are blessed to visit with each other often. Our type of down home country Christmas Eve means eating good food, laughing & relaxing in a comfortable atmosphere without pretense. Nope, fancy and formal is not in our repertoire. "Repertoire?" You might ask, "Repertoire? ... Really? ... Is that what you really meant to say?"

(sigh). Yes, I know repertoire means a collection of theatrical performances. Our family does not PRETEND to be anything other than who we really are. So, I thought repertoire in this context was the word to use. We do not have to ACT like we like each other. We ACTually LOVE each other.

After explaining about our lack of acting skills, I think the slideshow will represent what I'm talking about. We do join hands in a family circle to say grace. On this night, after the prayer, Mama grabbed her camera and got in the middle of the circle so that she could get the reinactment. A bit of cheezy acting is what she captured. Those pics made the slideshow, cheese and all.
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The following slideshow is of Terry's family side.  We did something a bit different this year.  Our Sherrie & Caleb arrived from out of town a week prior to Christmas Eve.  PawPaw invited the entire family to a very nice dinner at Lagniappe Restaurant.  He and MawMaw were very gracious to extend the invitation to include the boyfriends/girlfriends of their grandchildren.  The food was excellent.  Everyone enjoyed each other's company and dining experience.  Afterward, no one had to do dishes.  How fantastic is that?! 
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  1. Such fun memories!! Your girls are so beautiful. It was great to see Bubba and Tracy, they haven't changed a bit! Thanks for sharing :-)


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