Tuesday, January 25, 2011

From Disappointment to Bountifully Blessed...All in One Day!

The cute shoes, 30% off purchase today. 
The big bounty of white?  El Noope'! 

Definition of Bitter-having a harsh, disagreeably acrid taste, like that of aspirin, quinine, wormwood, or aloes.  

I don't know if I have ever actually had a physical taste of quinine, wormwood or aloes as referenced in the dictionary definition.  Although, recently,  I have been left with a taste of bitter disappointment.  I can attest, my friends, that kind of bitter after taste can be described as harsh and disagreeably acrid. 

All I can say in this blog post is that over the course of a few days, I have been bitterly disappointed by someone.  I will not express specifics. There are only 2 people who know the instance that I am talking about because one of them was directly impacted. The other is my lifelong confidant. What I can say is that "When you push against me, expect resistance.  I have a low center of gravity and will not back down or give one inch more than I am willing!" That is a promise and you can quote me on it. Enough said.  

And, then today...! Thank you, Good Lord, for giving me today!

I met someone who heard my heart's desire and then blessed me beyond measure. I have been contemplating a set up for a bridal shoot. I want to recruit some models and create a 'Destination Wedding' portfolio. The problem for me is the fact that I would need a supply of wedding gowns. Well, I have my own wedding dress that is now almost 25 years old. Other than that? Nada. Obviously, my starting point is to find some affordable bridal gowns. In photography, sometimes you can fake a few things. You know what I mean. Think about props and backdrops. Sometimes, the setting is real. Most times, the image presents a mere illusion of reality. With that in mind, I was on a hunt for an affordable wedding gown. I figured that I could simply modify it, if need be, by clamping the bodice, etc...

Along my path, I first stopped at a thrift store. blah, blah,.. Nah! Nothing there. I really didn't expect to find anything at the thrift store that I would like to use but I thought to give it a try. So, I left the thrift store and continued down the boulevard. Actually, I knew exactly where I wanted to shop next. I had been thinking about this shop and even picturing myself talking to the owner. The shop I am referring to is a small, well run consignment boutique. Years ago, I purchased two beautiful formal gowns for my oldest daughter. She still has them today. In my mind, I had practiced what I wanted to ask. I was going to offer to rent the dresses if the shop owner was willing.

I went into the store and there against the side wall were an array of white bridal gowns in clear plastic zippered bags. I saw price tags ranging from 299.00 to 599.00. uh oh. That was way out of range for me to purchase as a prop. The owner stepped up to me and asked if she could help me. That is when I asked her if she ever rented out her dresses. In her kind way, she told me no but wanted to know what I was thinking. I told her what I had in mind. Then, she told me that she might have a dress in the warehouse that didn't sell. That's when she said, "If you look at it and think it is something you can use...Then, I can bless you with it." Ummm. Ahem. Did she just tell me she would give me a dress for free? Yes, that is what she said.  My heart was rightly 'blessed' simply by her offer. Just to have someone who is willing to give me something made me feel very, very blessed indeed.

She had her helper go to the store room and pick out a few of her favorite dresses. I picked out my favorite. Then, I offered to purchase a couple more that were left hanging. My intention was to give SOMETHING to the store owner for her generosity. She refused to allow me to pay anything. She said that this selection of dresses were left at the store. They did not sell and the owner never picked them up. She didn't know exactly what she would do with them. Long story short. I left the consignment boutique with SIX bridal gowns! FREE! El Noope'! (no out of pocket expense!) Yes, I was blessed today as I drove home with a back seat chock full of fluffy white bridal gowns! Thank you Lord from whom ALL blessings flow!

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  1. I'm glad it's not me who has disappointed you so. I wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of your displeasure!! I'm also glad to see that your post is heavily weighted towards the blessing that you experienced today...and it was a wonderful blessing!! I bet you are already working on some subtle way to reciprocate that nice lady's generosity....while Karma plots it's reciprocation on the other person you mentioned.


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