Sunday, January 2, 2011

Getting back to my Daily Challenges

When I first started to do the daily challenges with my Internet photography group, I was a faithful daily participant.  Every morning, I would check to see what the inspiration was for the day.  Immediately, my mind would dwell on that.  I would work up a concept.  Then I made sure that I would accomplish it.  I worked as diligently on the challenges as if it were a paying gig.  In fact my family would often ask me, "What's the word for today?".  They had grown accustomed to my loading up the vehicle and striking out on a search for some inspiration so that I could participate with my photo group.  I loved having a reason and purpose for my photography.  All of that really helped develop and stretch my creative vision as I was learning new techniques as I went along.  All good right?  Yeah, all good and very worth the effort.

After posting to the group, I found myself spending hours upon hours at the computer.  I loved every minute of  that part just as much.  The social media aspect was the fun part of being in a photographer's forum.   Meeting new online photo friends  fulfilled my interests.  I could always find encouragement in this group and tried to reciprocate by encouraging everyone as well.  But, by the time I was done, a huge chunk of my day was gone.  Can anyone relate to spending way too much of their day's focus on social media?  That's not even a question because I know the answer! 

So, because of this time killer, I let the housework slide.  Ok, I must be fair and admit that I have been known to use ANY form of procrastination to keep from doing dreaded housework!  Aside from the housework problem, too much sitting at the computer causes something else that is not so desirable!  uh,huh...!  Needless to say, I knew I had to back off and concentrate on other things including more exercise, please!  I miss my online comrades but I need to do what is in my best interest. 

On this January 2011 morning, I decided that I was going to continue to hold off on participating in the social aspect of the group forum but work on the daily inspirations offered through the group challenge.  For today, I saw that the word of the day was SCULPTURE.   Terry watched football all day today.  Because I try to hang around Papa T. when he is off on the weekends, I did not leave the house today.

I thought about my small concrete statue of a lady holding a basket that I purchased a very, very long time ago.   She sits close to my driveway.  Beside her, there is a nandina bush.  I planted both of them there and that is where they remain.  The statue is still small but the nandina is now tall.  I always like to take pics of the little red berries that grow in clusters on the nandina bush. 

Here she is.  

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