Friday, January 14, 2011

Old Governor's Mansion-Jazz Musicians & Ballroom Dancing

Melissa of Melissa Roe Photography, and I went to the Old Governor's Mansion to scope out the situation!  Not a Jersey Shore 'Situation' but a BR Wedding Expo Situation.  Our intention was to find out how other photographer's set up their display and see if there is enough traffic to make the expense worthwhile.  When we were walking up to the steps to enter the Mansion, we had to figure out which one of us was going to be the bride!  hmmmm... It didn't matter!  Hey, they snatched up our 10 dollars cash at the door.  So, we went up in there like we owned the joint!  Actually, when we walked in we could smell ...sniff, sniff, sniff....Wedding appetizers & h'orderves!  My favorite food group.

Melissa and I enjoyed a plate full of super delicious party food provided by Drake's Catering and Heirloom Catering.  Both catering companies had food spreads on the huge buffet table in the Dining Room.  It was elegantly displayed.  Better than that...that food was bombdiggity.   There was a Wine and Martini Bar serving their special Blue Tinis.   Wafting from down the hall ..., sniff, sniff, sniff...(think Blue's Clues!)...we caught a whiff of that distinctive fine smell of  freshly brewING coffee.  Ain't no better aroma!  So, we followed our noses down the hall and around the corner to the coffee urn.  That dark peculated coffee was just we wanted.   I didn't count 'em but Melissa was tearing open quite a few packets of creamer and sugar.  I noticed her swizzling with the skinny black stir stick.  Then, she had to go through a few repetitions of...sluuuuurrrp..sip, sip, sip...smack, smack, smack....til she got it juuuuust right.  She is so funny.  Me?  I don't need NO CereMony!  -  plain black coffee here.  :)  

I love to observe how people do things in their own way.  People watching is cheap entertainment.  Speaking of entertaining, here are some pics that I took of the Jazz Band Ensemble that played during the meet and greet hour.  This band was fantastic.  I was diggin' on their groove.  To tell the truth, I was ready to go lay some James Brown moves out on the dance floor.  I decided not to embarrass Melissa.  Plus, I didn't want to make a Spectacle of myself!  Notice how similar the words Spectacle and Spectacular are.  Maybe I should have laid my James Brown moves out on the floor...I just might have been Spectacular instead!  
Guess we will never know.  
Que Sera, Sera
I took all these pics with my point and shoot that I had in my purse.  Beside the fact that I did not want to rudely walk up and pop flash into the eyes of the musicians, I purposefully turned OFF the camera flash because I wanted capture ambiance.   

For these moody pics, I love the character that comes through without flash.  When I know that I must nail the safe, clear shot, my flash gets turned on of course. But, when I shoot for fun...I can experiment a little.  I love the freeedom of digital photography.  Some are keepers...some are weepers. 
 I decided these were keepers.

For the dancers, I knew that I was going to have motion blur because I was not using flash to stop the motion.

I like all these  images!!!  In the past, I'm sure I probably would have deleted all of them because
a) they are dark.  b) they are blurry. 
After viewing and studying photography, my eye appreciates imperfections in a new way.
 I adore the ethereal effect of the blurring created by the swirling dancers & musicians. 

Here is a you tube video of Doris Day singing Que Sera, Sera.  I always thought Doris Day was a classy lady.  And, we share a First Name! 
Yep, my first name is Doris.  I was named after my beloved Aunt Dot. 

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  1. That sounds like such a fun day! Almost like crashing a wedding!!


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