Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Dinner (& a Movie) for Schmucks

Yesterday, after work, Terry called to ask what we were having for supper.  I told him the frig is full of left overs so I did not cook.  He told me he was pea'd & cabbaged out.  Well, he had a point.  It is time to clean out all those left overs from New Year's Day because we are now well into 2011. 
It is crazy how fast the days roll by!  Before you know it..., well I'm not gonna say it. 

Dinner for Schumcks was just released for movie rental.  I rented it from the Red Box that stands outside our hometown Walgreens.  When Terry called, I told him that I had rented a couple movies.  He asked me how pizza sounded.  Pizza?!!  Yeah, pizza and a movie sounds like a winner.  He told me to call in pizza and he would pick it up before he came home. 

Today's photo challenge is 'Natural Framing'.  This morning, I noticed the empty pizza box on the kitchen countertop from last night's Dinner & a Movie.  Seeing the pizza box gave me an idea.  My idea was to attempt to shoot through the hole in the center of the movie case.  So, above is my interpetation of Dinner (& a movie) for Schmucks.  By the way, I only saw half of it because Kayla came home and needed my attention with something.  The half that I did see was HILLARIOUS!  Steve Carrell and Paul Rudd are both two of my favorite comedic actors.  Put them together, and this move was INSANE! 

Here was my quick set up.  I used a lunch box to bring the hole into position to see the little pizza man.  Then, I had to strain to get high up on my tippy toes to see down through the hole. 
I'm lucky I that I didn't get hurky, jerky motion blur in the close up shot. 
Ok, now it is time to go watch the rest of this crazy movie so that I can return it tonight. 
Hope you have an INSANELY HILLARIOUS Happy Day!  :)

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