Saturday, January 8, 2011

our Littlest RugRats

Here is our sweet, gentle Mia.  She will be 3 years old soon.  She is quiet and respectful and really a perfect housedog.  Kayla bought her and she became our family's first housedog to actually become a permanant member of the family.  I have never wanted an indoor pet.  When the girl's were young, we tried but it didn't work out.  I just don't have the patience.  Mia came and stayed.  We all fell in love with her.  She did make mistakes when she was younger and I fussed like crazy.  But, I really love her still.  Mia began to get so chubby because she is a true lapdog.  I always say that she is a 'stuffed dog with a pulse'.  I made the comment one day that she needed a friend that she can run around the yard with.  My younger daughter heard this and I am sure her ears perked up because before I knew what hit me,
In Comes Bella! 
SMUGGLED In Comes Bella, I should mention!
Yes, Karmyn smuggled her into our home.  I woke up one morning and I saw Kayla standing in Karmyn's room while Karmyn was still in bed.  Then, my mom sonar heard, "Have you told Mom, yet?"  I did my whip around on a dime and slipped in to find out, "Told Mom what?"  Karmyn smiled and slowly pulled out this little 6 week old puppy that she had hidden under her covers.  She told me that she bought her for $50 from SPCA.  SPCA had set up outside Petco.  When Karmyn saw her, she could not leave her.  She quickly reminded me, "Mom, you said that Mia needed a friend!". 
I am sure she had that line prepared!
And, that is how Bella  was smuggled into the family.  Bella is almost one year old now.  She wants to be everywhere that I am.  For so many, many years, I was completely closed to the idea of having an indoor pet.  I didn't want the problems.  I still do not want the problems.  Although, I now know what it means to be absolutely adored by a dog.   Isn't it nice to be absolutely adored?

Bella aka Bellie Belle.
Now, what is NOT nice?  Don't get me started!  This is a terribly undisciplined dog.  If you only knew! 
When she is bad, Terry calls her a Thug Dog because she is a mixed breed.  Then, I feel sorry for her for being a "thug dog".  Then, immediately I realize that she is Thug and she is bbbBad-Bad to the Bone!  Sometimes the frustrastion makes me feel like a bull with steam blowing out of my ears. 
Then, there are other times when I love her so much.
Like, when I take a nap Bella aways curls up into her duddle bug ball right next to me.
The warm snuggly duddle ball makes everything OK.  Needless to say she smuggled her way right into my heart. 

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