Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year's Eve 2011 Slideshow

Terry and I had a great time celebrating the New Year at Barbara & Billy's house.  Billy cooked up a delicious big pot of Jambalya & White Beans.  Barbara had two tables of her special treats laid out, one inside and one outside.  Their daughter, Baileigh made brownies that were gobbled in no time flat.  We ate,  laughed, talked, danced, bourre'd, watched a fireworks show & toasted a Happy New Year 2011! 

We happened to be the last guests to leave.  We were trying to wear out our welcome, I believe.  Nah, we have not seen Barbara and Billy in such a long time and I was enjoying the visit.  Barbara brought up some possible summer travel plans.  Oh my gosh, don't even get me started!  Terry and I loooove talking and dreaming about vacations, past and future!   Poor Billy was sleepy, I just know he was ready to jump in the sack.   We'll have to talk VACA again soon.   That was fun!

Hey, Barbara and Billy.  Thank you so much for your generous hospitality.  I created a slideshow of the party revelry.  I didn't have my accessory camera flash so I had to use my pop up flash.  Bummer...I got some lens hood shadow which I couldn't really fix without cropping into the picture.  Then, I got some red eyes that I could fix in lightroom.  These images would have been captured better if I had my big flash available.  But, all in all, I wouldn't take a million dollars for any one of them.  I am so glad that I captured the good time had by everyone.  Also, I treasure the group pic captured by Melissa.  Thanks to ya, sista photochick.

Here you go.  I hope you enjoy the show.
Click to play this Smilebox slideshow

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