Friday, December 31, 2010

A New PINK-a-TTUDE for 2011!

Kayla and I went to The Glass Slipper yesterday.  She wanted to go in there to shop around.  Oh, that Kayla loves to shop.  I used to love to shop.  I used to love to prance around in high heels.  I used to think that fashion was important above all else!  I used to have a PINK-a-TTUDE! 

Then, over the years, my attention (not to mention money!) all went to raising the girls.  I put their cuteness way before mine for all these years.  So, my cuteness kinda got lost and my PINK-a-TTUDE was replaced with practical MOM-a-TTUDE.  

Guess what?  I am beginning to realize that I am not required to be completely absorbed in the MOM-a-TTUDE.  Hey, I traded in my big SUV for a smaller spunkier vehicle recently.  What else?  I have started to find a little bit more freedom because I do not have college tuition to pay anymore.  I think there is still a spark of PINK-a-TTUDE in me yet. 

p.s.  If you do not have PINK-a-TTUDE before you walk into the Glass Slipper, you must understand that the PINK-a-TTUDE will envelope you before you know it.  The Glass Slipper is so chi-chi, girly girl...for real women!   I can just imagine Lisa (Beverly Hills Housewives) & Jiggy flittering out of this
oh, so pink corner of the Antique Village of Denham Springs!

Yesterday, I did not have my camera ready.  So, I called Mama to see if she would ride with me to town.  She agreed.  This is what I requested.  I asked her if she would take my picture coming out of the boutique, THE GLASS SLIPPER so that I could use it for my final post of the year. 
Here are some cute little ballet flats that I purchased.  I think they have a bit of PINK-a-TTUDE.  What do you think?

Well, they are a departure form the utilitarian black leather Clarks or New Balance or whatever name brand that claims to be the most comfortable in the world.   Trust me, I buy anything that promises not to hurt my feet.  I even bought some Born shoes from HSN because the lady said that when you put them on your feet, they make you wanna do the "Born Boogie".  

This was taken at Mom's house.  I went back to her computer room/jewelry & craft room.  Under her work light, she was showing me some of her latest work.  Look at my new pearl necklace and bracelet set.  The neclace is a classic 18" length.  I told her that I wanted to purchase a set of her real pearl jewelry.  She was like, "Oh no.  You are not paying me.  Have them.  Take what you want!"  I absolutely refused.  I wanted to be her very first customer.  I wanted to be the first one to purchase her custom quality hand-knotted pearls on silk thread.   

Not shown are the pretty little earring that complete the ensemble.  She has already given me a long 32" strand of pearls for Christmas.  I love them.  Kelly (owner of THE GLASS SLIPPER) noticed my lustrous long strand of pearls that I was wearing against my black turtleneck yesterday.  She told me to tell Mama to contact her about the possiblility of selling them in her boutique.   She thinks that the brides who visit her store would be interested in a gorgeous classic strand of real hand-knotted pearls.  My mom is very interested in marketing her collection of hand crafted jewelry.  Her designs include a variety of gorgeous stones and beads. 

My brother was watching the slideshow that I made which showed images of the 4 grandaughters receiving their Granny made special beads for Christmas. 

He said.  "Granny Beads!"  Mama told me that she had been trying to think of a name for her custom jewelry.  When he said, "Granny Beads" it struck her as a catchy name for her jewelry. 
I love it.  I think the name GRANNY BEADS is a perfect name! 
Good job Bubba.
I think the name GRANNY BEADS is going to stick!

You may contact her at if you would like to have your own GRANNY BEADS!

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