Sunday, January 30, 2011

Raindrops Keep Falling On My {umbrella that Terry keeps holding over my} Head!

We left the house. 
Destination:  movie theater to watch Green Hornet

Looking through my passenger side glass through the rain bubbles.  This is the corner lot intersection at Amite Church Rd and Hwy 16.  It has been a vacant field for a very long time.  It looks like a development is coming.  I suspect it will look very different soon.  I wish I had old pictures of Hwy 16 when it was a curvy 2 lane highway with trees on each side of the undeveloped land.  Now, we have 4 lanes, 3 red lights and we will soon be getting our very own Walmart!  I remember when Linda's Chicken Hut put up a neon sign in the early 80's, I believe.   A neon sign?!  That was a big deal and great source of pride at how uptown we were becoming! 

 Over the last few months, construction has begun on our new hometown high school & my own alma mater.  From what I understand, it will be the largest school in the entire state.  Oh my goodness.  28 years ago, my HS graduating class totalled 54 students! 

Terry and I went to Chilli's.  As we were walking up to enter the front doors, I saw these twiggy branches full of water droplets.  I asked him to hold the umbrella over my head while I tried to get a picture.  He kept telling me to hurry up.  My point and shoot had a difficult time focusing.  I think he was getting embarrassed because he thought people were looking at us from inside.  He cares about stuff like that.  I don't give a fig.  But, he kept putting the pressure on me so this is the best I could do.  I like the colors and I think the image has a sort of abstract appeal.  I kept the image and posted it because it helps me remember Terry holding the umbrella over my head even though everything in him wanted to escape from the worst possible thing...Someone thinking something about him...!
  He loves me.
But, he needs to get over himself.

p.s.  We ate, felt stuffed, skipped the movie, went to Best Buy for a car charger for Papa T, went home.   The end.

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