Sunday, January 10, 2010

Our Little Mia is 2 years old

Mia likes to get her daily 22 hours of beauty sleep.
This is Mia and Karmyn. Karmyn is our youngest daughter.
Mia is not hurtin' for hugs & attention, is she?
Here is our Mia. She is 2 years old already. Mia is my daughter's puppy. I had never wanted an inside dog. When my oldest daughter, Kayla, asked me if she could buy a puppy, I gave her a mile long list of what kind of dog I DIDN'T want. At the top of the list was, 'no stinky, no messy, no yippy yappy dog, I better not hear it, smell it or have to change my lifestyle one IOTA!'.

Well, guess what. Our little Mia did change my lifestyle. I now have a cuddle pup and constant companion. I call her my squishy stuffed animal with a pulse. And, no she doesn't stink or do the yap, yap, yap. She's perfect. Kayla picked the 'just right one' for our family.